Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs Halo Reach

Kevin (gunthergloop) has been discussing on ugvm the merits of Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs Halo Reach, singing the praises of Bad Company 2 and the frustrations of Halo Reach. Thus to keep him happy we agreed to play an hour of Bad Company 2 followed by an hour of Halo Reach. After a 450mb multi-player update I finally joined the squad with gunther, antime & mightyminiman (surely past his bedtime).

It's a shame that Bad Company 2 does not offer you different game-types if you have more than 4 players at least with HR you have various gametype depending on the number of players in your lobby. Anyhow back to BC2 Conquest mode was chosen & it was agreed that I will play a medic. Which meant going around dropping med packs, reviving dead soldiers & getting the odd kill.I decided to stay with the squad & this actually worked quite well in that if they fell I was there to either take out the enemy that shot them & revive them back into action unless they were killed by a tank, in which case I was next to be blasted  AArrgh !!!

In BC2 you get points by obviously shooting enemies but also for lots of other actions, being a medic I would get points for squad heal (using the med packs I drop), reviving fallen soldiers, spotting enemies & of course killing them. In the first game I managed to get the highest score in the squad but we still lost the round. I did ok but I did not have the satisfaction of killing a ton of enemies, howwever I played a crucial role in reviving my fallen comrades for them to go on a killing spree. We then played a further 2 games of conquest & winning the last game. I featured again in the top half of the score sheets on both games. I am still not sure about BC2 it needs more game modes compared to HR but unlike HR I was actually useful as a team player albeit by being a medic. Communication played a big part of the squad matches because we were all together it was useful to shout out where enemies were & if a tank was approaching. BC2 was on my sell pile but I think I will take it out & put in back on my game shelf, it's an FPS game that I'm actually half-decent at playing.

Next then Halo Reach, the new kid on the block we had obviously a better turn out approx. 7 of us I think and decided to try Invasion, there was no pre-lobby discussion on how to best approach the match or what skill to choose so we went in guns blazing to fairly easing take out the first section, advancing to the second was more difficult because the enemies made use of vehicles to destroy us when we were spawning. Eventually we managed to complete the second stage but getting into the core room was a challenge in itself let alone taking the core, obviously we lost. Another couple of games of invasion had us performing slightly better especially when defending but we never managed on attacking to take the core. Maybe it’s the number of players 7 or 8 it’s difficult to communicate? but next time I think we need to plan in the lobby who is going to do what instead of going lone wolf.

To end with we had a quick game of headhunter which is basically shoot an enemy, collect a skull & run to the nearest destination point to deposit the skull. It’s football with guns !! great fun & one of my favourite modes. Again though even with smaller teams of 4 there was no communication at times the team was scattered but we did manage to win albeit not by completing the 25 total but by the time running out & us having more skulls than the opposition. Depending on the game-type that is played my performance varies from being crap in slayer to good in firefight.

The most important lesson learnt though from playing both games though is that communication is KING

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