Ghost of Tsushima (PS5) - Completed

There is no need to buy new games for a new console when you can still enjoy all the games you own thanks to Backwards Compatibility!

So I started the life of the PS5 enjoying Ghost of Tsushima, an open world samurai adventure game released on the PS4 by Sucker Punch (Infamous/Sly Cooper). You play as Jin Sakai who fights againsts his samurai code to defend the island of Tsushima against a Mongol invasion.

I've been hoping Ubisoft at some point would visit Japan for their Assassin Creed series but thankfully they never delivered and Sucker Punch instead produced a great world to explore and enjoy. I love that there is very minimal UI in the game and no on-screen world map.


The main quest focusus on Jin's relationship with his Uncle Lord Shimura but there are also lots of other characters that are given substantial time to shine, I especially enjoyed the adventures with con-artist Kenji & Monk Norio.

There are other activities in the game from collectables like artifacts, vanity items to paying your respects to Fox Den shrines. Scaling the damaged shrines brought back Tomb Raider memories.

Overall a great single player campaign, brilliantly voice-acted with an epic culmination.

Certainly up there with the great open world games this generation like The Witcher 3 & Horizon Zero Dawn. I have just completed my Game of the Year.

Next The Last Campfire by Hello Games.

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