Completed - Ratchet & Clank, This War of Mine & Gone Home

Completed Ratchet & Clank, last boss fight took me a few attempts it has various stages where the final boss changes attack style. Lovely game & enjoyed playing an old school platforming game again.

Next was This War of Mine which has you controlling a group of survivors during a war so you need to manage your food, defences, health, sleep, mood & everything else.

It's a tough game & I only got to day 6 on my first attempt. The next game I managed to get to day 16 & then finally on my third attempt I had the game figured out with a regular supply of food, materials & medicine. It is a very thought-provoking game & makes you think what people in this situation would do to survive.

I then went through the many PS+ freebies on PS4 to try some of them out most I got bored within minutes & deleted but I enjoyed playing Gone Home which is a walking simulator type of game. You arrive back from a European holiday & have to piece the clues together to find out what has happened to your family. It's a short game but very well written.

Next, not sure yet, still deciding...

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