PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft - Episode 1

I know what type of game Minecraft is but I've not played it, so my daughter wanted me to play the game with her & capture the gameplay. So PinkyPinkSam & Dad play Minecraft (Episode 1)

After watching back the episode, I don't think Sam's audio settings was set up correctly because the chat audio was very low so will check those for the next video, Sam obviously talks a lot & very fast so I need to get her to talk more slowly. Also no talking of Stampy (Sam loves watching his minecraft videos but I'm not a fan, although he has encouraged her to get into creating Minecraft videos & I'm happy to help).

We've enjoyed building a house & I've experienced using various equipments like the furnace, chest & workbench. I've also learnt the basic controls, how to mine & place blocks to build. Sam already has lots of ideas for the next episode.

Love Sam's closing line "Daddy can I play Xbox"

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