Battlefield Hardline - Completed

With only ten episodes, you can very quickly complete the game if you play a few episodes every evening. Just like binge-watching any tv show, I binge-played through all the episodes to complete the game.

I arrested all the warrants & collected all the evidence to complete the case files.

I did encounter one bug on episode eight where I died at a particular section & the game went into a checkpoint loading loop. I had to quit & restart the episode, thankfully it remembered all the evidence I had collected & warrants completed.

It was short but an enjoyable experience, I've no interest in the multiplayer so onto the next game.

I'm got nothing left on the shelf to play (maybe I should have kept Dragon Age to try for myself) with only Destiny & Fifa 14 so time to buy some games. I've decided to go with Far Cry 4, DriveClub & The Witcher 3 which should hopefully keep me busy until September.

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