Shadow of Mordor - Branding the Warchiefs

It's been a while since my last post on Shadow of Mordor, after defeating The Hammer the games takes you to a new location 'Sea of Nurn' which gives you another new map to explore & mission to complete.

Nurn is a nice lush land with lots of greenery to enjoy, you meet Lithariel who asks for your help in saving her mother. You also meet a Torvin a dwarf hunter who has some enjoyable hunting missions.

The main campaign mission is more difficult in that you have to brand (this is an ability that lets you control your enemy) all the five warchiefs. This has taken me quite a while because the warchiefs & various captains you meet are far more tougher & challenging.

I think I am near the end game jut want to finish off the Lithariel missions before I take on the next campaign mission.

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