iOS Catch Up - Words on Tour, Pocket Mine 2 & Motorsport Manager

An update on iOS gaming, I have completed the Tokyo level on Words of Tour & have now arrived in San Francisco.

San Francisco introduces a new timer tile which has a countdown & you have to play these tiles before the counter runs out.

This makes the levels far more difficult especially when trying to get three stars.

I've also started a couple of new games over the past couple of weeks in Pocket Mine 2 & Motorsport Manager.

Pocket Mine 2 follows on from the first game with a new adventure mode that takes you travelling to new locations in search of new loot & cards. It's the same old gameplay but ok for the odd five minute of gaming.

Motorsport Manager I purchased quite a while ago but never got round to playing you manage a motor racing team & compete in various championships whilst upgrading your car, infrastructure & managing your engineers, drivers, sponsors & fans.

I've won the British & Australian championships & currently trying to finish mid table in the Euro championship, this is proving more difficult because I have now moved up a to the next tier of racing so the other teams have far better cars, drivers & infrastructure. It's going to take me a few seasons before I can challenge for the title.

I'm still also playing the usuall turn based affairs & just started playing Fluxx with Abbas yesterday evening who very quickly figured out the game and started winning.

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