Batman Arkham Origins - New Game

You can never have too much of a good thing. My last outing with Batman prove painful for my RSI but there is no denying that it was still a great game to enjoy. This time around to avoid the same issues I'm playing the game on easy. I love flying around Arkham performing stealth takedowns, launching batarangs at unsuspecting criminals & solving another of the enigmas puzzles.

It's more of the same yes but for me that's a good thing why mess with a winning formula. GTAV might be taking all the plaudits at the moment for open world gaming but I'll take Batman & Arkham any day. Origins is not developed by Rocksteady (who I hope are busy working on a next gen Batman) but by WB Games Montreal who have not altered the recipe that much.

Some slight changes I've noticed so far are the obvious Batcave with its training facility & Alfred. The crime reconstruction sequences seem quite interesting (I've only performed one so far in the game) & the various radio towers over Arkham offer Enigma a chance to test your brain cells. You have various challenges that you have to perform to unlock some upgrades but generally you start off with most of what you already know from the previous games.

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