iOS gaming recap

A quick recap on iOS gaming, after completing Rolando, taking Oxford to the top division in New Star Soccer & burning items in Little Inferno.

I have moved onto playing Clash of Clans this uses the build & time wait mechanics of every other freemium game. I never attack other players thus it only takes up a few minutes of my time every day collecting the coins & choosing what to upgrade or build next.

On recommendation of Neil (Satsuma), Real Racing 3. Once I found a control method I liked, the default tilt to turn is not for me. The game is quite enjoyable, however with Forza Horizon waiting for me it might have arrived at the wrong time? I'll keep it on my phone for a while yet.

What else?

Poker Knight is a play poker hands RPG but I've already done that with the excellent Sword & Poker games so I expect this to be deleted shortly unless it offers something new?

Multiplayer games I'm still playing are Carcassonne, Lost Cities & Ticket to Ride. I recently purchased Scotland Yard and have only really just completed the tutorial, so a few local games needed to get some practice.

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