Scribblenauts Remix - Completed

First day of the new year & I am adamant to play some proper games on the iOS platform this year no silly time management games or endless runners.

I did think about going through my steam pile of shame but that would take time away from playing the consoles so I am going to trawl through the endless iOS purchases over the past few years to find something enjoyable to play.

50 levels of Scribblenauts had me making everything from dinosaurs, cars & zombies. Each level sets you a challenge & you need to use the crayon to type what you want to create in the world. You can almost create anything, the levels can be completed in many ways & by using different objects.

It's quite a quick game with only the last two worlds proving a challenge, easily finished in a few hours. There are some extra content which can be purchased via in-app but I'll leave my character riding his mech.

Next, one of the first iOS games I purchased Rolando but have never played.

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