New Game - XCom Enemy Unknown

The A to Z of games never played only made it to the letter O. When it gets to the letter X, XCom will be on the list. I have never played any of the original games although I did own Enemy Unknown & Terror from the Deep on the Playstation I just never got the time to play them.

So after playing the demo this was an instant purchase which Abbas took to straight away and started playing a few days ago. Watching him play for a few hours I ignored that Uncharted 2 had not been touched for a few months & I started Halo 4 & Renegade Ops recently, I know I should go and finish these games first but the lure of a turn based strategy game forced me to starting XCom.

When you start the game you can choose your difficulty & I would recommend to disable the tutorial (You can play the tutorial if you wish but then I would suggest you start a new game after completing it, because you are then in control of what you want to do with your soldiers, money & base).

Choosing your base location is your first decision & I opted for USA (50% reduction in cost/maintenance). Africa is the other good option for a early money boost. Then into your first fight you go, only advice I can give is take it slow, use overwatch & save often.

After playing for a few hours I have quite a few high level soldiers & my base is growing slowly. I have not played a turn based strategy game on a console since Civilization Revolution (if you can call that TBS). My next target is to excavate the base so I can build my thermo power generator & research some better armour.

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