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Call of the Dragonborn
I completed the Gears of War 3 game a while ago & have returned back to playing Skyrim

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  1. Nice logo.
    Shame about you stopping the diaries, but I suppose it does take time to write them and play the game, as you say.

  2. I really was spending way too much time writing about my adventures in skyrim, I may do a recap of my last few weeks play to give it some closure

  3. My char, Jora, has now done the Thieves, Companion, Stormcloak and Brotherhood mainline quests as well as the main storyline and I think she may go into retirement now. There's still the Mage's guild and the Bard's college to do but she's no mage and no singer and there's still a ton of side quests to do. But all these can wait until I start it all again with a new char.
    Jora can now stomp around the world in her Daedric armour or find a quiet corner to retire to whilst I think about bringing in a cat person thiefy type into the world.