Hero Academy - Dwarves

New heroes are introduced regularly to Hero Academy by the developers Robot Entertainment but the prices for these new teams are usually priced at a premium of £1.49

Dwarves recently went on sale to 69p because of the release of another new team The Tribe.

I enjoy playing this lovely strategy title but I think the developer needs to look at what it can offer to its gamers for free instead of just spending their time developing & charging for teams. Look at all the free content given on Angry Birds or the free disc drivin maps, how about they look at the maps or gameplay types the player can play with the teams & give that away for free?

Anyhow I am still enjoying playing the game albeit only with a few players, most from UGVM have moved on, If you want a game send me an invite to gospvg


  1. We all moved on because it was rubbish :)

  2. Yes a lot of UGVM players seem to have moved on except Neil. I quite enjoy playing it trying out different strategies to win.