New Game - Scramble with Friends

Another "with Friends" game released by Zynga this time the game of Scramble (which is basically the boggle board game)

You have three rounds to make as many words as possible in the time limit for each round.

This being a game by Zynga there has to be some in-app purchases & these are the tokens you see at the top of the screen, one is used for every turn you play. You can purchase more if you wish of just wait for the in-game clock to countdown to award you another token. In the free version this is set to 20 minutes or 10 minutes if you go for the ad-free version.

My username is obviously gospvg so send me an invite if you want a game.


  1. scrabble with friends is hit now a days..many are addicted with that game..i used to played that game in my phone..my friends and i played that game together specially when we are out of town..we use ANAGRAMMER to give us some hints..

  2. I got bored with the game to be honest & do not really see the point in cheating