New Tuesday A to Z - C (games never played)

Crash Bandicoot
One of the many Playstation efforts of having a mascot platform game character to compete with Sonic & Mario. It had no appeal for me so I ignored & moved on.

Command & Conquer
Somehow I never got round to playing any of the C&C games, At the time JAP RPG's were my interest & even though I enjoyed turn based JAP RPG's I could not get interested in any of the western strategy games of the time until Mech Commander 2

Chuck Rock
Another Platform title that I remember getting the pull out poster with an issue of ST Gamer but never actually getting round to playing it.

By this time I had left PC gaming & returned to console gaming, I have recently purchased the sequel & my new PC with a slightly better graphics card should be more than capable of playing this if I feel the urge.

Drive cars & kill people for points was that it?

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