Disc Drivin - UGVM Season 1 inc Results - Finished

Trying  a different idea which has worked well on RLLMUK for the next UGVM Disc Drivin Tournament.

This time it is season style, there will be 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) of 4 players each with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

For the first season each player will get chosen at random to get assigned to a league. There will only be 4 races, no tournament rounds that drag on for months just 4 races to decide the winner of each league.

The 4 chosen tracks are Prepare To Qualify, Zoom Zoom, Canyon Jump & Bumper Beware

The first player in the league will start the first track Prepare To Qualify & invite player 2, 3 & 4 in order then Player 2 will start the next race on Zoom Zoom & invite player 3, 4 & then 1. Player 3 will start Canyon Jump & invite Player 4, 1 & 2 in that order. Lastly Player 4 will start Bumper Beware & invite in order Player 1, 2 & 3.

Player 1 will wait to play his turn until all 4 races have started & are awaiting his/her turn to play. This will ensure when you come to play your turn you will have all 4 races waiting for you to play.

If any questions on the above then ask me please.

Platinum League
HaggisHunter (11 Points)
carldjcross (9 Points)
Hakk (11 Points)
Tlotoxl (9 Points)

Zoom Zoom - Hakk, Tlotoxl, carldjcross & HaggisHunter
Canyon Jump - Tlotoxl, HaggisHunter, Hakk & carldjcross
Bumper Beware - HaggisHunter, Hakk, carldjcross & Tlotoxl
Prepare to Qualify - carldjcross, HaggisHunter, hakk & Tlotoxl

Play off match between carldjcross & Tlotoxl to find out who gets relegated on the Track Flip Out

Tlotoxl won the playoff match so carldjcross is releagated

Gold League
lufferov (13 points)
jochta (14 points)
Xexyzx (9 points)
HarpingOn (4 points)

Zoom Zoom - jochta, xexyyx, lufferov & harpingon
Bumper Beware - lufferov, jochta, xexyzx & harpingon
Prepare to Qualify - lufferov, jochta, xexyzx & harpingon
Canyon Jump - jochta, lufferov, xexyzx & harpingon

Jochta gets promoted & harpingon relegated

Silver League
actionabbas (6 Points)
becs (16 Points)
Sessile (8 Points)
gospvg (10 Points)

Zoom Zoom - becs, gospvg, Sessile & actionabbas
Canyon Jump - becs, actionabbas, Sessile & gospvg
Bumper Beware - becs, gospvg, Sessile & actionabbas
Prepare to Qualify - becs, gospvg, Sessile & actionabbas

becs wins the group & gets promoted & abbas relegated.

Bronze League
GusTavToo (9 Points)
thermalsatsuma (11 Points)
monstermohsin (9 Points)
Fluffmyster (11 Points)

Zoom Zoom - Fluffmyster, monstermohsin, thermalsatsuma & GusTavToo
Prepare to Qualify - thermalsatsuma, GusTavToo, Fluffmyster & monstermohsin
Bumper Beware - GusTavToo, Fluffmyster, thermalsatsuma, monstermo
Canyon Jump - monstermo, thermalsatsuma, Fluffmyster & GusTavToo

Play Off match to be played with thermalsatsuma & fluffymyster on Flip Out

Fluffmyster wins the playoff & get's promoted

Scoring is easy with 4 points for the winner down to 1 point for last place
Good Luck & remember Disc Drivin notifications is broken on iOS5 so make sure you check your app at least once a day.

Ok Season 1 is over, Season 2 to start soon.


  1. When is Season 2 starting?

  2. Soon just waiting on Luke to confirm the condition of his iphone