Skyrim Diary - Entry 9 - Soul Gems

Dear Diary

The Red Eagle’s sword ability to do fire damage requires the need of soul gems. these are quite expensive to always keep purchasing so I decided to learn the Soul Trap spell which when you cast on an enemy & kill them within a time limit, the soul is then captured in an empty gem.

I decided to venture the plains outside of Whiterun and ran into a few mudcrabs, I managed to cast the spell on one of the crabs & captured its soul to fill a petty soul gem. The other two Lydia was too quick to finish them off before I could cast the spell.

I gave her a stern look & she replied “How was I to know what you were doing!?”

We then went searching for more animals to kill & I came across a sabre tiger & some wolves to fill up more soul gems.

Back in Whiterun some Alik’r warriors were arguing with the guards at the gate who was refusing them entry. I enquired with one of the warriors what the problem was? He explained they were trying to locate a Redguard woman & if I find any information to contact them in Rorikstead.

Anyhow time to go to the inn for a drink.

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