Skyrim Diary - Entry 10 - Saadia

Dear Diary

The local inn The Bannered Mare is run by Hulda, a nice lady who always knows what is going on in Whiterun. The regulars were all here tonight. Sinmir moaning as always about the lack of security in the city, Mikael playing his usual songs whilst eyeing up the ladies, Uthgerd who is always looking for a fight, I think she wants to prove a point? The local shopkeepers were all discussing their trade & a new inn helper called Saadia was sweeping the floor.

I had a couple of ales with Lydia and whilst discussing the Alik’r warriors we were interrupted by Saadia who wanted to have a quiet word. Lydia looked at me, smiled & went over to talk to Mikael. I followed Saadia upstairs to her room & she quickly turned round and pulled out a dagger at me.

I grabbed the dagger and said “That was not what I was expecting?”

Saadia replied “Who are you & what do you know about the Alik’r warriors !!?”
I explained that there were some Alik’r warriors outside of Whiterun today who were looking for a Redguard woman. She went quiet & I said “I take it, that woman is you, then?”

“Yes, I am a noble from Hammerfell & because I spoke out against the government they have sent warriors to capture me”

“Ok, leave it to me I will help you” I said

“Are you sure?, thank you” she said

She got up gave me a hug & said “I must get back to work”

I walked back into the bar & sat down by my ale. Lydia walked over and said “That was quick?”
I looked at her, smiled & said “We’ve got another job to do, I’ll explain later”

Walking back to the house I told Lydia that Saadia was the Redguard woman and was on the run from the warriors. Lydia had found out some information about an Alik’r warrior who was in the dungeon.

Something to do tomorrow then…

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