Poker Pals

After persuasion from Witty, Becky & Luffers, another online turn based game like Carcassonne, Disc Drivin & Words with Friends comes along in Poker Pals.

If you have played any of the Sword & Poker games then you will be at home with this game, you basically play poker hands against your opponent to score points obviously the better poker hands are worth more points. The four corners of the playing board give you a joker which can become any card you need to complete your hand.

There are a few features missing from this game at the moment like a chat window, the ability to log into your account from more than one device & a leaderboard that does not require you to register with the Crystal network.

You can download a free version which limits you to only three active games or pay the 69p and go for unlimited games.

I'm gospvg by the way so send me an invite.

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