Splinter Cell Conviction - Time to Hunt

After completing the co-op story back in October, it was time to return to some local co-op gaming with Abbas. Abbas was quite keen to ditch the other modes of Splinter Cell Conviction in favour of  starting Gears of War 3 but I was adamant I wanted to go back and complete the other modes & get every penny worth out of the game.

Deniable Ops includes 4 different modes you can play either local co-op or on-line we started with the Hunter mode which has you revisiting locations to take out a set number of enemies. You start each map with a limit of 10 enemies to kill but if you get detected this automatically raises the number to 20.

We completed the first two maps St Petersburg & Russian Embassy, the Hunter mode is quite easy to play although playing on realistic be careful you can only take a few shots before you will need reviving, another advantage of playing with Abbas because he can revive me & vice versa. Make sure you take out every enemy before you get to the end of the map otherwise you will need to go back and get that final kill like we did on the Russian Embassy level retracing our steps to get that last enemy. It's good to get back to some local co-op gaming.

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