Enslaved Odyssey to the West - It's GREEN !!

Wow !! how beautiful are the visuals in this game.

Blue Skies, lots of green, the earth has reclaimed the land after an apocalypse.

The first level "The Escape" is a nice tutorial to the game & let's you take control of Monkey. Who is imprisoned on a slavers spaceship, after an accident you manage to get loose & make your way to an escape pod.

When you awake you see Trip has installed a slave headband on your head & has you under her control. She wants you to take her back home. You reluctantly agree and thus begins your quest. You can use your staff to inflict damage on robots with light & heavy damage. You can also deflect a small amount of gun fire with your shield.

You need to keep an eye on Trip though because if she dies so do you. You don't get to control her but you can use her through various commands. For example to ask her to heal you or act as a decoy.
Reclaim the Earth

The voice-acting is very good & the story line is a re-telling of the classic Chinese story Journey to the West.

There are collectables along the way in orbs & masks, some of these are obviously well hidden or in hard to reach places.

I have completed chapter 2 & 3 and have only managed to find 90% & 94% of the orbs.

These orbs give you credits, so you can upgrade your abilities, I have purchased a health re-gen ability which will obviously heal my health over time.

At the end of chapters you have a boss fight (not sure if this is on all chapters but certainly on 2 & 3). Similar to Batman Arkham Asylum with these boss fights you need to figure out what attack works & how to inflict damage on the enemy.

So far so good ...

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