Tuesday A to Z - X

It is getting tough now to come up with any games at all on the last few letters but I had no problems with X because only one game stood out from all my years of gaming.

Xenogears (PS1)
Apart from Final Fantasy 7 this is arguably Squaresoft’s best RPG on the Playstation. The sci-fi setting really impressed me in this game but best of was the fight sequences, a mix of action based & turn based. It was the gears battles that made me never tire of the random battles, controlling giant robots in combat. The story was very complicated to do with various religious factions & your character suffers from slight amnesia on his past but this is eventually revealed in the story. Another gorgeous anime intro & lots of fmv really showed the production values that went into making this one of the most enjoyable rpgs I have ever played. Xenosaga was the follow-up on the PS2 which unfortunately I did not complete it joins the many games which I have started but never completed. Xenoblade for the Wii is made by the same developers not sure if this continues the story in some form?

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