Tuesday A to Z - W

Yes I am finally up to date the letter W & just before Tuesday arrives with the next letter waiting.

Wild Arms (PS1)
I love anime intro sequences to games & this game has one of the best on the Playstation with a lovely whistling soundtrack to accompany it.

The game itself is a turn based rpg affair in the fight sequences similar to final fantasy.  The world of Filgaia an old wild west style you control a group of three characters who each have their own skills & are basically treasure hunters but like always with most rpg games you have to stop an evil being from destroying the world. Typical storyline affair but good fight mechanics & an excellent music score made this one of the best early rpg games released on the Playstation.

Wii Sports (Wii)
Like most Wi owners probably the first game you play when getting a Wii console, it shows off very well the enjoyment of motion-controlled gaming. Many games of bowling have been played especially during the holiday seasons. Not bad for a free game you get with the console.

Words with Friends (iOS)
My blog shows currently 39 WordswithFriends posts. It obviously beat Scrabble to the platform and is now owned by Facebook giant Zynga.
This is easily my most played game on the iOS platform, if it is not a tournament game it will be a game against a random opponent.
There are two opponents though that I play against on a regular basis Becky (spritesbites) & William (HaggisHunter) just a shame there is no stats features on this game but a reminder of some of my favourite wordswithfriends posts from my blog starting with my highest scoring word Lynches, longest word Emotionalist, beating Jochta & of course not forgetting Cibrushsille

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