Splinter Cell Conviction - Completed

“Do you think we are stupid lochlear?!”

This game has some memorable dialogue but this line we have used a lot in the Khan household when responding to silly questions.

I was stuck for quite a few days on a level at the end of the game where you are in a restaurant & soldiers are coming at you from two directions. All you have for cover is a small piece of furniture, I tried various tactics. Launching grenades at the enemies to charging in all guns blazing but I kept on dying. I was adamant I wanted to do this section myself & not let Abbas have an attempt life my previous frustration. Also to prove I still had it in me to play games.

After a break of a few weeks I came back to it and noticed a climbing pole in the corner, so I promptly went up this pole & was invisible to the enemies who I now easily dispatched. Then I dropped to take cover & used my grenades for the 2nd wave of soldiers. Amazing a few weeks off makes you think more clearly. I then promptly continued the last few stages to get to the white house & saved the president.

It has taken me nearly 3 months to complete the game, I’ve been side-tracked by a few other games mainly Borderlands but I have enjoyed my first experience with Splinter Cell. It is a mixture of Metal Gear Solid style stealth & Gears of War action cover & shoot gameplay. By performing a melee attack on an enemy you get the option to mark enemies & take them out with a special attack. The storyline is what drives the game forward and has you saving your daughter whilst trying to prevent the President getting killed.

I have now started the co-op campaign with Abbas, the question on the single player is do I go back and replay to unlock some of the other achievements or do I start another game? Abbas’s response is play something else specifically Red Dead Redemption but I like to get full value out of my games & I am not done playing Sam Fisher yet. So I intend to start the campaign again albeit on a slightly easier difficulty than my completed realistic play-through.

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