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Still playing catch up with UGVM who are now on the letter W

Tekken (Arcade/PS1)
One foolish morning, I woke up and decided to pack up my US SNES collection with games & set off for Tottenham Court Rd. Not once on that journey did I have any doubts about the atrocity I was about to commit. I promptly arrived at CEX and handed over my collection in exchange for a Playstation 1 with Ridge Racer & Tekken.

I was eager to return home & enjoyed reading the manuals on the coach journey back to Oxford. Rushed upstairs to my bedroom whilst grabbing the phone to inform my friends who were on their way. The Sony logo loaded followed by Playstation & then an FMV intro, oh my I was drooling with excitement. Tekken was an amazing showcase for the Playstation coming from the SNES & Megadrive 2D worlds, you could now fight in a 3D world trying to pull off the difficult 10 hit combos. My friends arrived & the 2nd controller got plugged in to sit back & enjoy an evening of VS fighting.

Later in life I was to regret this transaction but that is gaming the evolving of the generations & the reminiscing of days gone by.

Tetris (Gameboy)
If anyone says they have not played a tetris type game, they are lying or they are dead. Many many variations on all platforms but nothing beats the original Tetris on the Gameboy. For those of you that have not a quick summary, blocks are falling down and you need to join them up to make lines to explode. A simple idea to a very addictive game.

Tempest 2000 (Jaguar)
UGVM used to regularly visit ECTS in London & on one of my visits my enterprising head purchased 10 Atari Jaguar units to sell on. I decided to keep one to try and find a game on the Jaguar I would enjoy alas this was a tougher task than I appreciated but I did eventually find a gem of a game in Tempest 2000, it’s a simple shoot em up game but in typical Jeff Minter style very enjoyable and challenges you to play that one more turn for a higher score.

Time Crisis (PS1)
On the Atari St I had a Trojan Phazer lightgun, I don’t recall with which game I tested this contraption on but it was obviously not memorable. It was not until Namco released the G-Con that you could truly enjoy lightgun shooters in the comfort of your own home & what better way to start than with the arcade conversion of Time Crisis.

Tomb Raider (PS1)
THE video-gaming icon & virtual dream for the Playstation generation. Lara Croft, there I said it that is all you wanted to read. Treasure hunting, pistol shooting, ledge grabbing Lara, That’s my Lara.
Core Design taking the Indiana Jones theme from Rick Dangerous to Tomb Raider & transforming it into a 3D world adventure chuck full with puzzles, enemies, caverns, guns & above all a storyline. This game set the transformation from the 2D platform adventure games of the previous generations to the now amazing gaming worlds you see in games like Uncharted & Assassins Creed.

To this day I have only ever played the first game, a reboot of Lara Croft will occur in 2012 & I plan to play with her again.

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