Tuesday A to Z - N

N – this is a tough letter.

New Zealand Story (Atari ST)
It’s the usual platforming maze type affair of the 80’s Arcade scene lovingly recreated for me to enjoy on the Atari St with my Cruiser joystick. These nearly accurate ports of Arcade games would kill the UK Arcade scene eventually paving the way for home consoles.

Night Trap (Sega Mega CD)
There was not much of note to enjoy on the Sega Mega CD & if I am brutally honest this was crap but it did give me the chance to enjoy the 90’s FMV gaming genre which was short lived. You have to investigate why are group of girls went missing by setting traps & timing them to go off to capture your enemies. Yes I know I am really hard pushed to find any games beginning with the letter N

Nights into Dreams (Saturn)
Time to end N on a high note then with one of the shining beacons of the Sega Saturn. Enter dream world & battle Wizeman to ensure his plan for world domination are foiled. A visually gorgeous game that has you flying out collecting orbs & battling bosses.

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