Cash Cow - Completed

I was ill, it was free & it was simple brainless fun.

That’s my excuse for playing yet another match em up game on the iPod Touch (Azkend & Sorcerer of Fortune)
“I need a Dollar” well actually you need quite a few to stop the bank taking the farm back. Match up the coins on screen to collect money towards your target & then spend the money decorating your farm with straw bales, daisies & a scarecrow. Like I said brainless but like most of these games you continue to play along. After every few levels a bonus puzzle level breaks the boredom & you have to  roll the coins over obstacles to a bucket to gain some extra cash. Luckily it’s a short game and introduces extra challenges into the game every few levels by having empty coins you can’t use, ladybirds sitting on coins you can’t select & piggybanks that let you cash in a handful of coins. It has some extra modes which I did not look at because I was feeling much better and went back to playing Sword & Poker instead.

If I play another match em up game please feel free to match me up with a data operator & a zombie.

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