Wordfeud - Highest scoring word

New highest scoring word on a random board on Wordfeud. A simple word "Puja" but with the J on a TL tile getting 37 points for the word & then a DW to 74 followed by a TW tile to get 222 !!

So bow down & worship my skill at Wordfeud :)

Fancy a game send me an invite my username is gospvg & please select the language to be English


  1. I have a photo of a 4900 point word. It might be a record.

  2. 4900 !!
    What post it let's have a look

  3. Lol i was gonna say i didn't even try for the biggest word and got 405 points so theres some big scores out there

  4. Yes especially on the random boards if you can get a word on 3 or 4 TW tiles you are looking at a big score.