Game Completed - AC Brotherhood

Loose ends, lots of loose ends to tie up even after I completed the main quest. Subject 16 puzzles, collecting flags to Christina quests.

Firstly the main quest, it continues from AC2. Ezio is sitting at home chilling with family & friends then BOOM !! the town is under attack by Cesare Borgia. The game throws you into the thick of the action, you are fighting enemies with your trusted swords & then get the opportunity to fire some cannons at the advancing forces to save your town.

Alas it was not to be & you are forced to retreat. In the attack your uncle "It's me Mario !!" is killed. Oh! dear Mama Mia !! Revenge !! Revenge !!

The game now moves to Rome, it's huge !!, lots of famous landmarks are there for you to climb & get viewpoints & then those lovely leap of faith. There are some changes from the previous game, you can now recruit people to become assassin's & join your brotherhood (I know let's call it Assassin's Creed Brotherhood). These assassin's can then be sent on missions to gain experience points & level up, you have a 3-bar charging meter & when one bar is full you can call a group of assassins to fight for you. When all three bars are full you can perform an arrow storm attack which will kill all enemies.

But where is the fun in letting your trained assassin's do all the killing for you? Combat in this game is great fun & you have lots of weapons from crossbows, pistol to smoke bomb & poison darts at your disposal. You need money to shop & you can generate this by rebuilding Rome. Each area will have a tailor, bank, weapon shop , doctor & other buildings to restore. It is simply a case of you purchasing these buildings to generate income you can collect from the bank. You can then use this money to purchase weapons or restock on supplies like medicine. But you do not need to spend money on supplies if needed because you can always loot your enemies.

There are a ton of side quests in this game from Romulus Lairs, Subject 16 to Abstergo Agents. The main quest ultimately leads you to a final showdown with Cesare Borgia. The timer starts & you have to run to go grab the Apple of Eden. This section of the game I found way too easy because all you had to do was hold a button to release the power from the Apple to destroy your enemies. After avenging your uncles death you then decide to hide the Apple of Eden in the Santa Maria temple.

Now return to the present day, Desmond & his crew have been doing all this just to find the location of the Apple of Eden. So off you go then, go get it. When you reach the temple you have the most annoying jumping sequence in the game which if you do not do within a certain time limit it resets & you have to go back to the start. I managed to complete it after a few attempts & then Desmond touches the Apple. He is then controlled to stab Lucy & THE END.

Sit back & watch the longest credits in a game ever !!

It has a few annoying bits in the game, I hate the countdown timer events, the chase me & catch me sequences but overall it is an enjoyable game & continues the story of Desmond & Ezio.

Recently announced AC: Revelations will be the next game releasing Winter 2011. Ubisoft are milking the cow, but like the zombies who buy release after release of Fifa or COD games at least the AC game have a story that you are playing & for this reason I will probably be buying AC Revelations on release.

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