Tuesday A to Z - L

Time for a catch up on A to Z posts, I'm a few letters behind.

Lemmings (Atari ST) - It is up to you to guide them to saftey by using any of 8 skills from blocker, builder to digger. Press pause & look around the map to plan your strategy & then give the lemmings thier task to perform & guide them home. A simple enjoyable puzzle game that I wasted many hours completing.

Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) - Zombies, the 80's had movie tie-ins, the 90s Lara Croft but the 00's Zombies. They are everywhere from puzzle games to first person shooters. Left 4 Dead has you taking the role of one of four survivors and battling the zombies to get to you extraction point. The PC version offers a lot of of customisation & mods which alas you cannot do on the 360 but the campaigns that have been released on the 360; No Mercy, Crash Course, Death Toll, Dead Air, Blood Harvest & Sacrifice are all very enjoyable & show you the story of the survivors along the way. You can play these campaigns online with friends and battle against Boomers, Hunter & the horde of Zombies that come charging at you from every direction. It is a very fast paced intense shooter & of course full of Zombies

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