Tuesday A to Z - G

Ground Zero Texas (Sega Mega CD) – Full Motion Video baby !! After splashing out a ridiculous amount for a Sega Mega CD with Shining Force CD & Backup Cartridge it only seemed fair to make the most of my useless purchase by buying Ground Zero Texas. This game was an interactive movie & a very bad example if truth be told but I was still amazed by the technology at the time. The story goes a little Texas town is attacked by aliens & who have come to flush them out before the area gets nuked. Hindsight now teaches me just how bad the game was but at the time it was an amazing experience of trial and error.

Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64) – If not the best shooter then certainly the best James Bond game ever made. Forget the Killer Instincts, Donkey Kong Country or Banjo’s this is easily the best game RARE has made. Using the best secret agent in the business they produced a stunning single player game which follows the movie plot well & an enjoyable 4 player split screen multiplayer.

Gran Turismo (PS1) – The encyclopaedia of racing games had arrived, with so many cars & tracks it was an impressive achievement by Polyphony. I remember having some memorable races but one sticks in my memory “Deep Forest Raceway” driving my Blue Skyline GTR on a 3 lap race I made a mistake at the first corner and spun out thus the field all went past. I then preceded to put in 3 blistering laps to take 1st only on the last corner of the last lap. I christened this performance “Krazy Khan on a Krazy Run” (It was the 90’s the K’s was in) . Hard to believe but in the 90’s I was good at racing games, oh how times have changed.

Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn) – There are some great games on the Sega Saturn that I stupidly have not played (You will have to wait for the next A to Z of games not played) but Guardian Heroes was not one of them. It was a 2D scrolling beat em up with RPG touches made by the 2D masters Treasure. You gained experience points through-out the game to then increase any of 6 attributes. Sega has so many games in the back catalogue that would deserve a remake, if only they would stop concentrating on the blue hedgehog.

God of War (PS2) – Weapons, Blood, Gore & Women all rolled into a great action game. You are Kratos a servant to the Greek gods, so serve !! A great example of an action game done right. I have only played the first game of the trilogy so add the other 2 to my list of games not played.

Golden Sun (Gameboy Advance) – The spiritual successor to Shining Force made by Camelot, the Gameboy Micro & Golden Sun a match made in portable heaven. Oh how I wanted Sega to take Shining Force back to it’s turn based roots but they did not listen. My plea’s however were heard by Camelot who promptly released Golden Sun , they take you on an adventure with Isaac across many continents in the search for Alchemy. Alas like God of War I have not played the sequels Lost Age & Dark Dawn.

Guild Wars (PC) – World of Warcraft? Pah Crap !!This is MMORPG at it’s best FREE !! I was given a 10 day trial key to World of Warcraft by someone from UGVM (Possibly Chris but I forget who?) It was an enjoyable experience in my first taste of a MMORPG but my brain could not get round the subscription paying model & thus my trial ended. However this did lead me to Guild Wars & Ascalon. Sir Gospvg was created & promptly decided to take on quests to tackle the evil Charr. I only completed the main prophecies storyline but thoroughly enjoyed playing Guild Wars, It had not subscription model but this did not stop the game from being populated with many players willing to join up to take on a quest. Alas my PC will not justify playing the sequel but I do wish this subscription free MMORPG model would come to a console game.

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