22 April 2011: Space Channel 5 day

Copy & Pasted from Tim on UGVM
On 22 April 2006, Owen wrote the following on his blog, about Space
Channel 5:

> Thought I’d try this again. I’ve had an extra five or six years of video game practice since I last tried it, after all.
> But, no, I still can’t get past level one. I normally end with a viewing figure of 13% and less than 15% means cancellation.
> I don’t think I’ll ever see level two, but maybe I’ll try again in another five years.
> It’s ridiculously hard and it’s made even more annoying by the fact that everyone else on earth seems to think it’s stupidly easy. Bah.

It is stupidly easy, but Owen didn't get to try again five years later.
Instead, I propose that we do.

So, get a copy of Space Channel 5.  If you can't find a copy of the
original game, try the sequel.  On 22 April, play it and try to get past
level 1.  Come on to ugvm and post about it.

Tim (tm)

So I will be dusting off my dreamcast & crossing one game off my list of "games not played"  for Owen

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