Tuesday A to Z - C

Carcassonne (iPod Touch) - I have not played the original board game. Luffers introduced me to this on the iPod Touch & it took a few games to get the understanding of the scoring but when it clicked I throughly enjoyed the game and still sit on top of the leaderboard. I'm now awiting the release of the add-on packs to freshen the game.

Castlevania - Symphony of the Night  (PS1)- Possibly the best 2D Platform game ever made, beautiful graphics, amazing gameplay & a thumping soundtrack.

Civilization Revolution (iPod Touch/Xbox 360) - I once installed Civilization 4 on my PC & after 2 days on playing till 4am. On the 3rd day I un-installed it, that game should come with a warning label. Civilization Revolution I purchased for 59p during a Appstore Sale it's a much simpler affair & just as addictive. But I was able to control the playing time due to the fact the iPod touch battery would only let me play for 2 hours before it would die.I then purchased on the 360 to play on the bigger screen.

Crazy Taxi (Arcade/Dreamcast) - The only reason I purchased the dreamcast was because of this game. Arcade game at it's best. Simple but fun.

Chase HQ (Arcade) - Everyone was playing outrun or some other racer but I would waste my 10 pence coins on this because you had a reason to race. Catch the bad guys up & then bash them to take them out. Criterion have used this gameplay in the recent Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.