GT5 - Money, Menus & B Spec

Money – I don’t have enough to buy any decent cars but thanks to a tip from Zo I completed some special events which gave me a shed load of money to buy some faster cars. Abbas has been playing A Spec more than me and has managed to complete quite a few events on Gold. I now have a few decent cars for the next GT5 PMG.

Menus – How painfully slow is this game when going through the menus, they really need to patch the game to remove some pointless options. I find the most annoying is when you have won a car & it goes to the delivery truck, you then have to click on it to accept the ticket to take delivery of your new car. What’s the point ??!! Just stick the darn car in my garage !!

B Spec – You create a driver & just sit back and watch him race. I created a driver & sent him on his first race. He only made it to the first corner before I quit in disgust. What a stupid STUPID mode. Pointless utter waste of time playing it & why the hell did they waste their time developing it. That time could have been better spent on improving the menu system & releasing the game earlier.

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