2010 - The year that was

The year that a friend @thatrevchap passed away RIP. I still think of you big guy :( #2010 #ugvm

Owen passed away on the 13th October, this shook me quite a bit, I was very upset & emotional. A very dear friend was no more, I am sad that I only knew him on an on-line basis & never got to meet him in person especially because he studied in Oxford. There was a nice service for Owen where I met his family & other ugvm friends.

The year I finally realised that western RPGs are better than japanese. Where did it all go wrong? #2010 #ugvm

Final Fantasy XIII - Lovely FMV, interesting battle system, complicated levelling-up but the grinding !! oh the  grinding !! There was a time on the Snes & Playstation that I would play nothing else but Japanese RPG's but this current gen I have played none at all. Western RPG's like Fallout 3, Dragon Age, Fable & Mass Effect have now taken the lead. Fallout 3 & New Vegas are the most enjoyable RPG's I have played in years & in 2011 I plan to play Mass Effect, Dragon Age & the Fable games. There is no Japanese RPG that I want to play? It does not feel right saying that but it's the truth. Japanese RPG's need a reboot.

The year my kids ditch their PSP & Nintendo handhelds because they want an iPod touch. Sony, MS & Nintendo better watch out #2010 #ugvm

I first purchased my iPod touch 2nd gen in 2008 but in 2010 it was my kids who all wanted an iPod touch. I upgraded my 2nd gen to a 4th gen & passed my old 2nd gen to Abbas. A few weeks later & he asked if for his Birthday & Eid he could have an 8gb 4th gen, I agreed. This then led to my other kids then selling their DS machines & Abbas abandoning his PSP to now 5 iPod touch machines in the house. It's cheaper for me also, I buy the one game & install onto all the devices. I don't think even the Nintendo 3DS or the new PSP2 will tempt them away. The ipod touch has certainly become the most played handheld console in this household.

The year I own all 3 consoles & only play one (360). #2010 #ugvm

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I never touched the wii or PS3, the wii has now gone but the PS3 has been given a new lease of life thanks to GT5. But the 360 was the only console I really played in 2010.

The year I waste my summer playing Final Fantasy 13 on two consoles instead I should have played Red Dead Redemption #2010 #ugvm

I just could not play Final Fantasy 13, I'm not sure if it was the constant grinding just to get materials to upgrade weapons that annoyed me or something else but I just could not enjoy the game. I tried, I even gave up on Red Dead Redemption to play it. What a waste of my summer.

The year I still buy games to sit on a shelf gathering dust. This NEEDS to change #2010 #ugvm
We all have them. The games that are still sealed sat on the shelf. I purchased too many games because they were on sale for them to just sit on a physical or virtual shelf untouched.
The year I finally start a blog http://www.gospvg.com/ for those of you that did not know #2010 #ugvm
Yep it's me on the World Wide Web
The year I join another forum BETEO http://j.mp/fhW9tD it's like going to a pub. I will still come home to UGVM. #2010 #ugvm 
I've never gotten on with online forums, too many users, too many post to keep track & so different from usenet. I have tried RLLMUK in the past but just could not get comfortable. BETEO has a few members who post on UGVM & I decided to go have a look. I now have a nice forum app on the ipod touch which makes it much easier to use BETEO & keep track of posts. But like I said I will always come home to UGVM

The year I buy a gazillion apps & still only play 3 !! Carcassonne, Words & Chess with friends. #2010 #ugvm

Thanks to lots of app sales, 59p purchases & freebies I have a ridiculous number of apps easily 500+ but there are only 3 games I consistently play. Words with Friends, Chess with Friends & Carcassonne

The year I complete more co-op games than single player. Thanks @actionabbas for being a great co-op player. #2010 #ugvm

Thanks mainly to Abbas I have completed a lot of Co-op gaming, more than single player. I expect this trend to continue in 2011

And lastly the year I finally use my twitter account in anger. Best Wishes to you all for the new year #2010 #ugvm

A lot of users over the years have left or rarely visit UGVM but quite a few have moved onto Twitter, I created an account in 2009 but rarely used it. This year however it was used a lot !!

Oops I forgot one. The year my gaming knowledge actually helped at work (Lawyers) Yes !! I know LAWYERS ??!! #2010 #ugvm

Amazingly it was true, my gaming knowledge helped bring in new work to the firm.

Well that was 2010 now onto 2011

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  1. First I'd heard about @ThatRevChap, my condolences to all.