Lara Croft Go (iOS) - Completed

Now that I have an iPad of my own that the kids cannot nick I have gone back to playing some games on it.

Lara Croft Go was my first choice, it's a turn by turn based puzzle game that has you obviously searching for treasure whilst avoiding pitfalls & either escaping or killing creatures like snakes/lizards.

I only managed to get stuck on one level for a while until I figured it out but the majority are pretty straight forward & fairly simple. There is also a Hitman Game which use's a similar play-style which I have not yet played. There is a new Monument Valley style game called Dream Machine which I will start next but for now back to Batman.


Batman Arkham Knight - New Game

I had quite a few choices on what to play next after completing MGSV but I decided to go for Batman Arkham Knight, the final game in the Rocksteady trilogy.

Firstly I like that is has a difficulty mode setting so I went straight for easy to save on any rsi pains during the long fight sequences. I've played a fair bit already just not had time to blog about it, there are tons of side missions from the riddler challenges, murder investigations to rescuing firemen.

I wasn't sure how the batmobile would be used but it is implemented pretty well & enjoyable to drive around & complete various challenges. The main campaign so far is about Scarecrow & other villains who have teamed up to take over the city. There are some very good story sequences which I won't spoil but I am enjoying the game very much.


Draw Something - Gameboy

I've not played Draw Something for a few years but my youngest is enjoying the game lately & wanted someone to challenge. Thankfully my account was still valid with all the colours that I purchased previously.

One of my recent better drawings was the Nintendo Gameboy, guess the game?


Clash Royale - That winning feeling

Winning a hard fought match is very enjoyable & it is even more satisfying if you manage to win in the last second of the game.

With 3 seconds to go till overtime I launched some arrows which destroyed the enemy tower with no time left on the clock.

I am firmly in arena 4 now with around 1300+ trophies (it fluctuates depending on my wins/losses).

Need some more gold to upgrade the Prince & then aim for 1400 trophies to make it into arena 5.


Metal Gear Solid V - Completed

The final few missions have you replaying some of the earlier missions with more difficulty which seems really odd not sure why?

Anyhow in between these are some new missions to complete & a chain of Eli/Quiet missions which finish off their story-lines.

The final mission surprise surprise is a replay of the first but with some home truths thrown in to show you the real picture.

A sometimes confusing experience but overall an enjoyable open world game, not sure if we will ever see another game in the series but I for one will not miss the long cut scenes.

Goodbye Snake.
(Spoilers in the video below)


New Game - Trackmania Turbo - So much fun !!!

Tried the demo out on Wednesday & purchased the game straight away, so much fun !!


Metal Gear Solid V - Back Again

After completing Game of Thrones I've gone back to Metal Gear Solid to continue with the so called part 2.

I tried Episode 33 previously so did not bother attempting that again & instead went with Episode 34 Backup, Back Down. Grabbed a missile launcher & just destroyed lots of vehicles fairly easily.

I did miss the open world gameplay & do enjoy cleaning out camps of soldiers. I've hit the base limit of 1400 staff so I've been getting rid of any B or lower rated staff to replace with the S or A ranked that can be found or rewarded.

Completed a few more missions & some side-ops over the Easter weekend. Did not enjoy a certain Quiet interrogation cut-scene but cracking on to Episode 38 next.


Clash Royale - Skeleton Army

Yes, finally got it !!

Skeleton Army is great for taking care of tank type enemies like the giant, prince or skeleton giant.

Although they can easily be defeated by the arrows, I will still keep them in my deck.


Clash Royale - Clans

You can join a clan once you have reached level 3. Being part of a clan gives you access to donate & request cards. If you donate you are rewarded with experience & gold.

You can also chat with clan members & have friendly battles.

If you are looking for a clan to join, search for ugvm

I'm level 6 at the moment & hovering around 925 trophies. Seem to be getting quite a few drawers lately.

Telltale Game of Thrones - Completed

Managed to find a bit of time this weekend to sit down and play through the remaining episodes.

In true Game of Thrones style there are some shock sequences & not much in the way of happy endings.

Like most Telltale games if you enjoy the original content then you will enjoy the experience.

Season 1 completed.

Not sure what I'm going to play next, maybe DriveClub or part 2 of MGS V?


Clash Royale - Deck Building

The game let's you have three decks, my first has all the lowest characters 1's, 2's & some 3's this gives me an average elixir rate of 2.6 good for an assault on enemy towers but you have to be careful when facing off against some of the tougher characters.

I tend to play with deck 2 mostly because it gives me a good range with a couple of strong characters like the Giant/Baby Dragon & basic characters like archers, knights & bombers. I do like the bomb tower which can defend a large area.

Deck 3 is the strongest with all the big heavy hitters but the average elixir cost of 4.2 takes a while to recharge.

I would say anything between 3 to 3.5 is about right to have a strong team. I've level 5 at the moment & nearly have 800 trophies to unlock Arena 3.

Outside of iOS I'm still plodding along on Game of Thrones & completed Episode 3 yesterday evening. I've not yet deleted my MGS5 save so may yet go back to play Part 2.


New Game - Clash Royale

Once again thanks to Satsuma, I've been playing the new game from the Clash of Clans developers Clash Royale. It uses a similar style to Clash of Clans but this time you use a battle deck & elixir to attack your opponent's tower.

It has a few timers on chests unlock & you need quite a bit of gold to level up characters past level 3 but I'm enjoying it for the 5 to 10 mins a day I play it.

New Game - Totems

I do enjoy my iOS board games & recently downloaded Totems which has you placing down totems to control an area on the map, your opponent can place the same token next to yours to take control of the area & vice versa.

The screenshot shows me winning a game against Satsuma controlling the whole map.

It needs a few changes on the multi-player like a rematch option with a random map & the friends list needs to only list those that own the game & not everyone.


Metal Gear Solid V - Sahelanthropus - Completed

Yes I'm still playing Metal Gear Solid V, the difficulty has increased in the last few missions which have resulted in quite a few failed attempts & the inevitable Snake, SnakE, SNAKE !!

I was especially frustrated with Mission 31 where twice I managed to get very close to killing Sahelanthropus only to die by an explosion or rocket. Mohsin wanted to have a turn & managed to complete the mission. With the ending FMV & roll of credits I expected the game to be completed but apparently not.

I'm probably done with the game for now so for me I am marking it as complete. Back to Game of Thrones & Episode 2.


Lara Croft Temple of Osiris - Completed

Our first PS4 PMG completed, the last boss fight was much easier than I thought. No idea about the plot Egyptian gods fighting against each other or something but it was an decent twin stick shooter with a few puzzles.

Twin stick shooters unfortunately seem to be the norm for most 4 player games, there really should be more choice by now.

We still have Gauntlet & Helldivers to play but next on the play list is the daddy of them all Diablo 3.