Carcassonne Super League - Season 3

It's been nearly a year but Season 3 is live !!

Some basic rules for the games, only the base pack to be used no expansions packs or hardcore/kid mode to be activated.

Three matches to be played 2 x 1vs1 matches & one three player match. Points to be awarded 2 points for a win & 1 point for finishing 2nd in the three player match.

Using Platinum league as an example, the matches to be played as below.
3 Player Game - Bushtopher vs And1976 vs Gospvg
2 Player Game - Bushtopher vs And1976
2 Player Game - Bushtopher vs Gospvg
2 Player Game - And1976 vs Gospvg

Send me the match results via Twitter, RLLMUK, UGVM or the comments section on this post.





Dr Watson


Weekly Update - "I feel I can do this forever"

I am pretty sure I will forever be gaming. Although not had much time during the last week, blame Netflix & Gotham Season 2 for taking up most of my free time but I did manage some more Deus Ex visiting a rave club & Golem City which is maze of stairs & floors.

No Man's Sky had another update which promptly crashed my game yet again. Can't believe after so many patches I am still getting crashes?! I'm still on the atlas path collecting these stones. I'm assuming at some point something must happen with them?

Destiny Rise of Iron came out yesterday, I teamed up with Hakk & Gus to complete the main campaign missions. Took about two hours you have a new enemy type in splicer, the final mission was pretty tough & I'd almost say impossible if you are not playing in a fireteam. Once you have completed the main campaign, you then get access to lots of quests from the social area Felwinter Peak.

On iOS new updates to Carcassonne with three new expansions. Information on the update below, I'm playing a few games with the new expansions & the Abbot seems to be the most useful so far. Looking into kicking off a new tournament soon.

The Abbot is a new game piece you place on Cloisters or Gardens (a new tile feature that will magically appear on some existing tiles). You can recall the Abbot at any time during the game, scoring points without needing to finish the Cloister or Garden first.

The Old River
This was the very first expansion ever to be published for Carcassonne. Introduced at the SPIEL 2001 toy fair in Germany, it remains a true collector's item.

German Cathedrals
The newest mini expansion comprising six famous German cathedrals. So new it's not even available in print until mid October.

You can place a meeple on a German cathedral to score points. Roads connected to a German cathedral score bonus points.

Pokemon Go introduced a new buddy pokemon system for receiving extra candy so I have gone with Pikachu.

I've also finally caught a Rhyhorn & a Venomoth so have perfect stats with 74 seen & caught.

Clash Royale I just seem to be hovering between arena 6 & 7 currently on 1951 trophies & just about keeping my own.

Still playing Capitals  & enjoyed a 3 round knockout against HaggisHunter :)


Weekly Update - Robbing Banks, Destiny God & the Millennium Falcon

I've still not gone back to Lego Star Wars, Doh!

But I have been spending quite a bit of time hacking, breaking into banks, sneaking around & shooting enemies with my stun gun. Carried on with the main quest now that I had completed all the available side quests. The control scheme really needs a quick option to be able to access the map.

I spent quite a bit of time robbing the bank & it's corporate vaults for some nice loot.

Tried out the PS+ games, Journey of course is excellent but Lord of the Fallen is a dark souls type affair in which you fight big bosses, die & repeat. Badland is a  port of an iOS game which I got bored of within a few minutes. New PS4 firmware is out which let's you now create folders & filters the library to show you what you have installed vs purchased.

I had an amazing session in Destiny PvP by finishing 1st !!
That will be a one off feat never to be repeated again.

On No Man's Sky I have being flying around repairing crashed ships to upgrade to a 48 slot beast which my daughter has named the Millennium Falcon.

I've also got the Theta warp drive installed & have been jumping star systems to collect atlas stones.

Got back to playing Diablo 3 with the Claptrap Boys, no idea what is going on with the story but we have completed Act 4. Hopefully nearing the end so we can start The Division soon.

iOS? Made it to arena 8 now in Clash Royale but still no legendary cards. Managed to capture a few more rare pokemon in Parasect, Meowth, Machomp & another Bulbasaur. Current stats Caught 72 & Seen 74.

Fingers crossed hopefully back to some Lego Star Wars this week.


Weekly Update - Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Well the Lego Star Wars idea went out of the window, I got hooked into playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Took me a while to remember some of the mechanics especially hacking but I'm comfortable now & enjoying going around Prague completing various side missions.

You start the game with a lot of augmentations but after suffering a malfunction from an explosion you need to visit a doctor to reboot your system, this gives you the chance to be a bit more selective on what skills you want to unlock.

I've completed a few of the side quests in Prague but basically I've been walking around and dealing with the smaller quests given to you by various NPC's & exploring places either by hacking or sneaking around via air vents. It's a good game, I like it will keep me busy for the next few weeks.

Decided to take a look at the free to play games on the playstation store & downloaded Neverwinter & Hawken. My son is trying out Neverwinter, it seems to have a lot of content but suffers really badly from frame rate issues. Hawken on the other hand I like, it's mech v mech combat :) Star Trek Online has been added today will add that to the download queue to give it a try.

The next lot of playstation plus games have been added in the brilliant Journey, Lords of the Fallen & Badland. Not tried any of them yet but will do during the week.

Played a bit of Destiny last week and got a new exotic heavy rocket launcher Dragon's Breath which I can't use because my one exotic weapon is the Suros Regime Auto Rifle but I did also get the Armamentarium exotic chest plate which gives you two grenades so swapped that out for the Crest of Alpha Lupi. I used my 200 silver coins to use at the Eververse shop so purchased the rude taunt emote.

I finally managed to hatch a 10K egg which was in an incubator for a couple of weeks & was rewarded with an Aerodactyl. I really need to remember to keep the app open when I am walking around. Level 21 now & I need a whopping 75K XP to get to the next level, time to use those lucky eggs I think.

On Clash Royale I manged to unlock the Golem card but it uses 8 elixir before you can play it !! It's very tough and when destroyed splits into two smaller golems. Had a bad run of games & dropped back to 1800 trophies.

I'm still enjoying pootling around in No Man's Sky, finally found some underwater creatures, really wish the game would auto-charge the breathing equipment form the resources you have to save you going back into menus every few minutes.

Followed the atlas path which **spoilers** I won't talk about here best to watch the video below if you want to know.

I do need to get back to some Lego Star Wars but expect I'll be distracted by Deus Ex. Until next week keep gaming :)


Weekly Update - Gold !!

Straight to No Man's Sky what else?

I love it ! Finally found a planet with some gold !

Hallelujah !!

I'm still plodding along naming star systems after my history tab & planets after games. Altered Beast was a bit toxic but gold !

I also completed Walking Dead Michonne, It's a nice three episode series albeit a bit too predictable.

Not much to report on Pokemon Go, finally caught a Jynx but I missed out on catching a Venomoth so now have another pokemon to find and catch.

Had a decent run on Clash Royale now up to 1900 trophies.

Short & sweet for this week. Not played much Destiny for a while will wait for the new content to arrive until then focus on finishing off Lego Star Wars.


Weekly Update - PinkyPinkSam

I've been spending a bit of time with my daughters creating content for their shared youtube channel, thanks to twitch it's very easy to record gameplay & then upload to youtube. The video above shows some Towerfall Ascension gameplay but we have also made videos on Tricky Towers, Goat Simulator, Minecraft & a Let's play series on Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens.

They enjoy making them & I'm happy to help out when I can.

I've gone back to playing Pokemon Go thanks to a few days out at locations that were covered in pokestops I now have over 200+ pokeballs. Finally caught a Jynx & only missing a Rhyhorn. Current pokedex stats are 66 caught & 67 seen.

With the girls wanting to play Clash Royale with their cousins & not knowing everyone in the UGVM clan I decided it was safer to make a new clan where the kids can all play together against each other. This will disadvantage me in the number or donations/card requests but I'm ok with that, it will give the kids a chance to catch me up & level up their towers & cards.

Had a good session with No Man's Sky yesterday I've now jumped to my 2nd system spent a bit of time in the space station, found a nice small yellow ship I liked but it was 10 million, I think I read somewhere that if you dismantle the upgrades on your current ship the new ship becomes cheaper.

Yeah, well that does not work, I went out of the space station & got attacked by pirates. I quickly upgraded what shields I could with the dismantled materials & legged it to the nearest planet. Got to a trading post and spent some credits upgrading my weapons on the starship.

There were three planets on gospvg - acorn electron but they were all pretty dull so I built another warp drive & went to the next star system. I got a notification about some anomaly in the galaxy which I have ignored for now.

Got to gospvg-atari ste, planet quartet & lemmings were boring the usual emeril & aluminium deposits. I then landed on planet dungeon master & it said the sentinels were hostile? What are they hiding I thought, I could not find anything so flew to the nearest trading post & saw these glowing white balls that had a green exclamation mark on them? Picked one up and my wanted level shot up to three & sentinels appeared out of nowhere including a dog-like creature. I just ran into the trading post praying they would not follow me inside. I forget what they are called but they are worth 27K each !!

Created a save point & called it a night. Will return to planet dungeon master soon to collect some more of these orbs. I need 10 million to buy that small yellow ship I want & get rid of my current tank.

Space battles (once you have the equipped shields & weapons) are really good fun.

Last but not least completed episode 2 of Walking Dead Michonne, it has some moments which really shock you & make you squirm a bit. One more episode to go which I should complete at some point this week.


Weekly Update - No Man's Sky !! What Else?

What else would I be playing but No Man's Sky of course !!
It's amazing I love it, yes it may have some flaws, issues or features missing that Sean Murray said were in the game but I still love it for what it is now.

Took me a while to decide on a naming structure but then it clicked my history page http://www.gospvg.com/p/history.html 

So I have gone with gospvg-mini munchman for my first star system & named the planets after the nicknames for my kids. In the video below is my starting planet gospvg-nemo, I should have gone with just nemo & taken the gospvg prefix off like I did for my 2nd star system gospvg-acorn electron.

I've been playing for quite a bit focusing mainly on getting enough money to upgrade my exosuit from drop pods & upgrading my multi-tool.

I'm still with my first ship the Rasamama S36, wish you could rename ships, hopefully patched in the future by Hello Games.

I did go to my 2nd star system gospvg-acorn electron briefly but it was a bit dark & bare so I returned home to try and 100% the discoveries on the planets.

This game has me hooked & I probably won't be playing much else for a while.


Weekly Update - 300 Games

I've been playing quite a bit of Destiny with my Titan on light level 296. Having finished the main Taken King campaign, I am now looking at the various sub-quests. Hopefully will get a UGVM team together to tackle the raid.

I'm enjoying playing the odd crucible match every day to get legendary marks, will hopefully get enough soon to purchase some year 1 exotics I love like the Suros Regime.

Played some more Lego Star Wars with my daughter (although having issues uploading the video to YouTube due to various copyrights on the sound, if I can't figure it out today I will play the levels again with the music turned off).

Not played much Pokemon Go recently got annoyed by the constant wasting of poke-balls to catch Pokemon. Hopefully this has been fixed in the latest update. Current pokedex stats are Caught 61 Seen 63 annoying Rhyhorn got away this week after using lots of raspberries & great balls.

Completed the 300th game in a row on Lost Cities with Carl recently.

Need to play the next episode in the Walking Dead game & looking forward to No Man's Sky hopefully arriving in the post today.


Weekly Update - The Force Awakens

Started playing The Force Awakens with my youngest which is a good challenge in teaching her some basic gaming skills. It's going well so far we are up to chapter 3 & only a couple of time have come unstuck on what to do next?

The biggest issue at the moment which I can't figure out is if we only have two characters to choose from how can we swap so I can be BB8 & she can be Rey?

I also purchased Telltale Walking Dead Michonne in the current sale which is a three episode series, more of the same & no surprise yet having completed episode 1.

The big news is the return of Destiny !!

Again in the recent sale, the boys wanted it & I missed it a little bit.
It's good to be back playing with Hakk, Gus & the rllmuk guys.

Pokemon Go I am finding frustrating because the game now requires me to waste so many pokeballs catching a simple pokemon, I wasted 8 catching a Pidgey & lost 6 trying to catch a Squirttle. I'm not enjoying it anymore.

Clash Royale is going well I now have my commons up to level 9 & have broken into Arena 6 !!

Can't wait till next week No Man's Sky :)


Pokemon Go - Gotta Catch Em All

I'm impatient I have the app running via a US download & it's good fun walking around capturing pokemon. I had to restart the game again because it takes over full access if you sign in with a google account so I created a pokemon account to start again.

Charmander is my pokemon of choice, I don't want to cheat to get a Pikachu, I will earn mine !!

I've traded in duplicates to the professor & currently have 10 pokemon including Psyduck, Drowzee & Poliwag.

I also have 4 eggs which I need to hatch, these take time you have to place these in an incubator & walk around to make them hatch.

Luckily at home I have a few pokestops (useful for collecting more pokeballs & items) & a gym fairly close. At work the same a couple of pokestops & two gyms.

The lunchtime walks are now more interesting stopping & collecting pokemon on the way round the science park.

Gotta catch em all !!


Completed - Ratchet & Clank, This War of Mine & Gone Home

Completed Ratchet & Clank, last boss fight took me a few attempts it has various stages where the final boss changes attack style. Lovely game & enjoyed playing an old school platforming game again.

Next was This War of Mine which has you controlling a group of survivors during a war so you need to manage your food, defences, health, sleep, mood & everything else.

It's a tough game & I only got to day 6 on my first attempt. The next game I managed to get to day 16 & then finally on my third attempt I had the game figured out with a regular supply of food, materials & medicine. It is a very thought-provoking game & makes you think what people in this situation would do to survive.

I then went through the many PS+ freebies on PS4 to try some of them out most I got bored within minutes & deleted but I enjoyed playing Gone Home which is a walking simulator type of game. You arrive back from a European holiday & have to piece the clues together to find out what has happened to your family. It's a short game but very well written.

Next, not sure yet, still deciding...


Shopping List 2016

With E3 over I now have a better idea of what is coming out the rest of this year so my provisional shopping list below.

Lego Star Wars Force Awaken (Pre-ordered)
Played the recently released demo & my youngest enjoyed it. I've not played a Lego game since Undercover on the WiiU & before that it was the original Star Wars games on the PS2 so probably long overdue another dose of Lego.

I am Setsuna - Lovely old school JRPG by Squeenix, From the couple of videos I have seen of E3 reaction it plays similar to Chrono Trigger so no random battles.

Abzu - Think Journey but underwater with hopefully another great soundtrack by Austin Wintory
No Man's Sky - Game of the year, can't wait. I think I will be playing this for years. Day one, once I can find a competitively priced pre-order.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Already pre-ordered I've not seen any of the E3 footage, enjoyed the previous game enough to know I will be buying this on release, media blackout on this now.

X-Com 2 - Finally coming to consoles can't wait to get stuck in. The previous game I started on the 360 but it got left to one side until it was given away on PS+ on the PS3. I loved it once you get stuck in the strategy & tactics are brilliant fun.

Dragon Quest Builders - JRPG & Minecraft come together this is going to be good? Right?

Nov to Dec
Nothing at the moment which is probably ok the above will keep me busy for a while.


Disc Drivin - Amazing Jump

Still playing with Luffers on a regular basis, he is really good at jumping even in tight spaces !!


iOS Update

A quick update also on iOS gaming, I enjoyed playing Football Chairman Pro for many hours & currently I'm enjoying Hero Emblems a JRPG puzzle quest style game & Mekorama which is a Captain Toad like puzzler.

I'm also going to go back through all my hundreds of iOS purchased games to make sure I have played all those hidden gems that I downloaded & ignored. So I have started with Helsing's Fire which has you battling vamparic creatures with light & tonics.

I'm always also playing my favourite turn based games like Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Capitals, Fluxx & Disc Drivin.

PS4 Update

It's been a while since my last post so an update on what I have been doing on the PS4.

I completed Batman Arkham Knight & started Uncharted 4 which I could not put down. Amazing experience that I completed within a week (It probably helped that I was off work that week so had more time to game).

Then I started playing Ratchet & Clank which is just like playing a cartoon, lovely graphics. I & the boys are still working our way through the Trackmania Turbo & have completed the first set of tracks. I even managed to get my first Trackmaster which Mohsin went and beat on his next turn.

Looking forward to E3 & brilliant news about X-Com 2 coming to consoles.