Destiny - Quest Complete


Destiny - The Quest for the Runed Core

Thanks to the recent raid completion this has reignited my interest in Destiny & I've taken a little break from Assassin's Creed Unity. Thus began the quest for the Ruined Runed Core, I'm ignoring the incorrect spelling in the game.

To upgrade the Murmur fusion rifle you need to have a level 3 rank with Eris in the Tower and then she will trade you a runed core for 5 Black Wax idols.

I've been logging the past few days to complete her various daily bounties to get me ever closer, currently I'm rank 2 with 940/2000 rep point before I upgrade to rank 3.

Depending on the bounties I can get usually 300 or 400 points per day, some of these are very easy to complete by usually just repeating a particular mission like the first Crota mission to defeat a Knight or the first mission on the moon when the doors open & "You've woken the Hive".

With the new House of  Wolves expansion due for release next month, I think I will be playing Destiny for a little while longer yet.


Motorsport Manager - International Racing Championship & Continental Super Cup

Managed to win both the the Tier 2 championships in the past few days & moved up to Tier 1 for the World Grand Prix Championships. It's going to take me a long while before I have a competitive enough car to challenge anywhere near the top.

Luckily I have quite a bit of cash so have invested in fully upgrading my young drivers training program to hopefully develop a race winning driver.


Destiny - Crota Raid

Thanks to Soi's tuition we (Hakk, Gus & I) finally completed the Crota Raid yesterday. 


iOS Roundup - Carcassonne Mega Expansion Game

Luffers started a new game on Carcassonne a couple of weeks ago with all the current expansions enabled which resulted in 262 tiles to play !!

I just managed to win with a high score of 644 points !!

I started to get bored with Pocket Mine 2 so deleted. Words on Tour annoyingly has become very difficult to get three star levels & the game is spamming with in-app purchases now. I've made it to San Francisco before deciding it is time to call it quit. Shame Zynga went for the in-app purchase route I would have been happy to pay up front to play the game.

Still enjoying Motorsport Manager currently on Tier 2 trying to win the International Racing Championship.


Mario Party 10 - Bowser Time

Sunday afternoon was family gaming, so time to dust off the WiiU & play Mario Party 10.

Mario Party 10 makes a change from the previous games in that the players work as a team instead of individuals to reach the  goal.

I've enjoyed playing the Bowser Mode where I was Bowser using the gamepad to chase down the other players via mini-games I tried to destroy hearts they own to eliminate them from the game & reaching the end goal.

We tried out the three maps which is a bit limited considering I remember previous games having 6+ maps but overall It's another good family Nintendo release.


New Game - Assassin's Creed Unity

I tried Metro Redux but I just could not get into it, not sure why but I was not enjoying it. So I went with Assassin's Creed Unity instead, Paris looks lovely & thankfully the game has been patched a million times so I've had no issues playing.

Yes it's more of the same but I'm enjoying it so far running around Paris rooftops. This time round you play as Arno, so far he has experienced his father dying, being adopted by a Grand Master (Templar) who is also murdered with Arno being accused & thrown into Jail.

Yes it is the same old formula with the map fully loaded with icons etc but it's enjoyable pleasure getting the various viewpoints, taking part in a crowd event & lock-picking the odd chest or door. It's a formula that Ubisoft have used for quite a few years in many games but the story is what changes, this is what keeps me interested & coming back to the AC Series.

I've played quite a bit of the game now onto Sequence 4, the story moves along at a swift pace but I've taken time out to focus on the Cafe Theatre side missions & upgrade my various weapons & armour.

CounterSpy - Completed

Completed CounterSpy over the weekend, great little indie game. It does get tougher towards the end with stronger enemies & an increase in the numbers. I then tried Never Alone but just did not enjoy the gameplay mechanics, it looks lovely but is more a documentary first & game second. I've still got a few more indie games to enjoy but for now it's Assassin's Creed Unity.


New Game - CounterSpy

Time for something else after completing a 40 hour epic & play some of the smaller PSN titles I have accumulated over the past few months. I've got a few to enjoy in CounterSpy, Valiant Hearts, Child of Light & Never Alone. I saw Abbas play CounterSpy & it looked fun enough to give it a go, It is however tough trying to go stealth kills only & sometimes I have to resort to a firefight to complete a level.

One of my better missions below (trust me there are quite a few where I have failed miserably) where I managed to moved the Defcon from 2 to 5.

I still have a couple of retail games on the shelf to play in Assassin Creed Unity & Metro Redux. I won't be buying any more until I have completed those which to be honest might take me up to June when Batman Arkham Knight is released.


Shadow of Mordor - Completed

A 40 hour game has taken me nearly 3 months to complete, that is poor going. I've not had much time for gaming lately.

I completed the Lithariel missions & then continued on with the main quest with the Lord of Mordor. This mission has you controlling your warchiefs to take down a large army or Uruks & Black Captains.

You then arrive at the Tower and a twist in the plot reveals more about your return & control. You then have to defeat the tower which is an odd fight because I found it very easy with stealth attacks. The last mission Mordor in Flames has you attacking The Talons of the Black Hand which are more powerful captains, luckily all my branded warchiefs survived the previous mission & where on hand to help me take down these captains with ease.

You then finally meet the Black Hand and after some cut scenes are treated to a quick-time section upon completion the Black Hand is defeated. Very disappointing last boss fight way too easy & boring. The Hammer fight was far more enjoyable & challenging.

Anyhow after 40 odd hours, Shadow of Mordor completed. Next CounterSpy.


Shadow of Mordor - Branding the Warchiefs

It's been a while since my last post on Shadow of Mordor, after defeating The Hammer the games takes you to a new location 'Sea of Nurn' which gives you another new map to explore & mission to complete.

Nurn is a nice lush land with lots of greenery to enjoy, you meet Lithariel who asks for your help in saving her mother. You also meet a Torvin a dwarf hunter who has some enjoyable hunting missions.

The main campaign mission is more difficult in that you have to brand (this is an ability that lets you control your enemy) all the five warchiefs. This has taken me quite a while because the warchiefs & various captains you meet are far more tougher & challenging.

I think I am near the end game jut want to finish off the Lithariel missions before I take on the next campaign mission.

iOS Catch Up - Words on Tour, Pocket Mine 2 & Motorsport Manager

An update on iOS gaming, I have completed the Tokyo level on Words of Tour & have now arrived in San Francisco.

San Francisco introduces a new timer tile which has a countdown & you have to play these tiles before the counter runs out.

This makes the levels far more difficult especially when trying to get three stars.

I've also started a couple of new games over the past couple of weeks in Pocket Mine 2 & Motorsport Manager.

Pocket Mine 2 follows on from the first game with a new adventure mode that takes you travelling to new locations in search of new loot & cards. It's the same old gameplay but ok for the odd five minute of gaming.

Motorsport Manager I purchased quite a while ago but never got round to playing you manage a motor racing team & compete in various championships whilst upgrading your car, infrastructure & managing your engineers, drivers, sponsors & fans.

I've won the British & Australian championships & currently trying to finish mid table in the Euro championship, this is proving more difficult because I have now moved up a to the next tier of racing so the other teams have far better cars, drivers & infrastructure. It's going to take me a few seasons before I can challenge for the title.

I'm still also playing the usuall turn based affairs & just started playing Fluxx with Abbas yesterday evening who very quickly figured out the game and started winning.


Lost Cities - Winning with no coins

In a recent game against Carl I managed to win without playing a single coin card.

It was a close though with Carl getting 62 points of the white cards.


Carcassonne - New High Score 360

I have a bit of a console clearout with the 360 passed to the kids so they can continue enjoying minecraft & the PS3 reformatted & sold on. This only leaves me with the PS4 & WiiU consoles although I have not had much time to enjoy either lately.

I'm still playing Carcassonne on an almost daily basis, recently in a game against Arkham I beat my previous high score of 336 vs Lufferov to set a new high of 360.