Lost Cities - Winning with no coins

In a recent game against Carl I managed to win without playing a single coin card.

It was a close though with Carl getting 62 points of the white cards.


Carcassonne - New High Score 360

I have a bit of a console clearout with the 360 passed to the kids so they can continue enjoying minecraft & the PS3 reformatted & sold on. This only leaves me with the PS4 & WiiU consoles although I have not had much time to enjoy either lately.

I'm still playing Carcassonne on an almost daily basis, recently in a game against Arkham I beat my previous high score of 336 vs Lufferov to set a new high of 360.


Words on Tour - Tokyo

When you complete a stage you can either spam facebook to ask your friends to help get you to Tokyo or by collecting enough stars you can advance.

I always replay the levels to make sure I get three stars. With 90 collected and only 60 needed it's off to Tokyo we go.


Ticket to Ride - New High Score

Thanks to Carl & Darryl, iOS board games are played quite a bit with Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Fluxx & Ticket to Ride.

On the odd occasion I will play local vs the CPU, I managed to get a new high score of 208 with 8 tickets.

This takes me to the top of the game center leaderboards.

Words on Tour - Level 51 fixed.

I've not had much time lately for console gaming, the odd session on Destiny with Hakk & Gus but I've not played Shadow of Mordor in quite a few days.

Just too busy with a few other 'real-life' tasks.

iOS gaming is perfect for the odd few minutes I get free, I've been enjoying Words on Tour & level 51 has been fixed in the latest update.

I played the level again to get three stars with only 9000 points.

I've nearly finished the London stage & then it's on to Tokyo.
Hopefully I will get some time over the weekend to get back to console gaming.


Knack - Completed

It's taken a while to complete, my original co-op partner has now moved on to build her dream castle in Minecraft leaving me to ask for the assistance of my son to complete the last few levels.

We tracked down Vicktor who used the key to transform which backfired on him & transformed him into himself into a guardian.

Having a much older & more experienced gamer as my co-op partner made the last few levels very easy to complete.

The ending credits to the game are slightly enjoyable which show Knack dancing around the screen.

Overall it's not a bad game just needed to be fine-tuned in a few areas.
Back to Shadow of Mordor.


Words on Tour - Level 51 Three Stars

I have managed to three star all the levels I have played so far but level 51 must have a bug because even getting a high score of 11,000 on that level I only got a one star.

Videos on youtube show gamers getting three stars with just over 8,000.

Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update for now I have carried on past this level.


New Game - Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

I'm bored of Borderlands so we decided to try Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on the PS4 instead.

The Garden Ops mode is a 4-player wave attack in which you choose one of four character types & shoot zombies.

I went with the peashooter class to try and do most damage. You start the stage by choosing a garden you want to defend from zombies. There are empty plant pots dotted around the level you can use these to plant a 'Plant' that will help you attack the zombies or heal your characters.

The first few waves are easy but at level 5 you will get a mini-boss wave and after this you get more difficult zombies on the later waves. The final wave 10 is very difficult and once you have defeated the bosses you have to reach a checkpoint to exit the stage whilst surviving a zombie onslaught.

Your character levels up by completing various challenges to unlock new skills & the coins you are awarded can be used to purchase sticker packs which give you plants you can use in the various modes or upgrades to your character class.

It makes a nice change from Borderlands.


Shadow of Mordor - The Hammer

The Hammer is quite a tough boss fight, it took me a few attempts.
Just make sure you use counter & make use of your range attacks.


Shadow of Mordor - Avenge Mission

Avenge Missions are given to you throughout the game & these involve you taking out captain who have killed players on your friends list. In the video I have avenged Trooper Looper.



Destiny - Noob

Another Destiny moment I captured, this time helping out a  lvl 3 noob kill a captain.


New Game - Words on Tour

I do enjoy my letter/words games especially on the mobile. Words on Tour is the latest game from Zynga, the game starts in Paris & each level gives you a target you have to achieve to advance.

This target can be simple in play x number of letters to guess the phrase or play a certain block of letters. There are various power ups you can use along the way to help you complete your target & try to three star the levels.

I've nearly completed the Paris stage (currently on stage 27 out of 35) before I travel to London. It is a 'free to play' game but I've felt no need yet to purchase any of the in-app purchases to advance.

Brave Knight - Completed

I've not had much time for gaming lately too busy with other time-consuming activities. I did however spend fifteen minutes with my daughter playing Brave Knight which is really a story with very limited interaction.

You just write out the missing word to continue the story.

My daughter enjoyed spelling out the words & I had to explain the story in places.

Shadow of Mordor - Kill Streak

Showing off my combat skills in x37 attack streak