Lifeline (iOS) - Completed

Lifeline is the mobile equivalent of the choose your own adventure books I read as a kid.

Cadet Taylor ship has crashed on a moon & he needs your help to survive & ultimately escape from the moon.

I can't go into too much detail without spoiling the story but it had me hooked for a few days & I've gone straight onto play the next game in the series Lifeline Silent Night.


Metal Gear Solid V - Quiet

Whilst waiting for episode 2 of Game of Thrones to download I returned to Metal Gear Solid V it took me a while to remember the controls. SNAKE !! Snake snaKE !!!!

I played a few side missions clearing out mines, rescuing prisoners & shooting all my sleep ammo into a bear to capture him. This helped my brain refresh the controller pad layout.

The boys always complain when I play because I take so long to complete a mission. I like to visit every outpost and clear them of soldiers & resources. I don't use lethal weapons only sleep or stun weapons so I can extract the soldiers back to my base to level up each platform.

I have mostly A rated soldiers or above on all of my platforms, I've upgraded the main platform to the max 4/4 & the others are on the third tier. To upgrade to the fourth stage requires a stupid amount of resources which I have some from the extracted containers but need to wait for them to be processed.

I have now unlocked Quiet to become a companion and she is very useful, I have her scout out an outpost & then cover me so I don't get attacked. I then analyse the soldiers looking for any S Rated soldiers to extract. The horse for a companion was useful for moving around the terrain but now I use a Jeep. I've not yet tried the D Walker companion to see if that is any good.

I've just completed mission 18 Blood Runs Deep & Quiet was very useful killing the enemies whilst I extracted the child soldiers. I understand why Quiet wears her skimpy outfit but I don't like it & with her bond now maxed out I have given her the gold outfit.

Episode 2 to 6 of Game of Thrones has now downloaded but for now I will continue with Metal Gear Solid V.


New Game - Telltale Game of Thrones

With no luck in the fifa packs for a TOTY player, I decided to leave Fifa & start playing Telltale's Game of Thrones instead.

Quite a short episode only a couple of hours but some very good moments including a meeting with Ramsay Bolton.

My only annoyance with the telltale games is the timer on the dialogue options, I just wished it was not in the game thus allowing the player more time to decide which dialogue option they wish to choose.

Also started Borderlands Pre Sequel which now has a local four-player option so should be fun & chaotic. Need to get back to Metal Gear Solid V & DriveClub at some point but I expect this weekend will be mostly Borderlands & hopefully Episode 2 of Game of Thrones.


Fifa 16 - Getting ready for TOTY packs

After finishing Fallout 4 I've gone back to playing Fifa & FUTdraft to collect packs for the TOTY team release this weekend, I've got 12 packs at the moment waiting to open in the hope I can get one TOTY player.

I usually play FUTdraft with the boys and to make it more interesting we are now choosing our selections by blind picks (picking a number & see who we get). This has resulted in some dreadful choices like John Terry, Shane Long or a horrible formation like 5221.

Scored a lovely volley with Hulk, wish me luck for the weekend for a TOTY player.


Fallout 4 - Completed

It's an enjoyable game but feels all too familiar, the main campaign is not that satisfying especially the ending & only a few of the sidequests offer a new experience.

It's a much more reliable release though, I had a few crashes & graphical glitches but much less than the previous games on the 360.

I've completed the ending for Brotherhood of Steel & part way through the Railroad ending not sure I can muster the enthusiasm at the moment to see it through, after playing it for quite a bit over the xmas break I need to just step away from gaming at the moment.

Overall not bad but certainly not game of the year.

2015 Review inc Game of the Year

It's been a much quieter year for gaming, the amount of time I have for gaming is forever shrinking. Excluding iOS & DLC I only completed 11 games, 4 of which were very short.

Watch_Dogs (PS4)
Peggle 2 (PS4)
MGSV - Ground Zeroes (PS4)
Knack (PS4)
Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
CounterSpy (PS4)
Assassin's Creed Unity (PS4)
Battlefield Hardline (PS4)
Journey (PS4)
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (PS4)
Fallout 4 (PS4)

Witcher 3 was my game of the year because unlike Fallout 4 it kept me entertained for the full length of the game & had a satisfying ending. I also enjoyed Shadow of Mordor but the last boss fight was far too easy.

Maybe I need to stop playing long open world games that consume many hours to complete & enjoy the smaller indie titles like Counterspy or Journey. I have quite a few of these thanks to PS+ & the PSN sale purchases like the Telltale Borderlands & Game of Thrones games. I enjoy playing/watching a good story & it's probably why given the choice I would rather watch a movie then play a game that has resulted in less gaming time.

My predictions from last year included purchasing a Xbox1 console never came true, with my limited gaming time one console is more than enough for me. The WiiU carried on gathering dust & I expect that will be gone at some point this year.

Spending wise I only purchased 3 games on release, Metal Gear Solid V, Fifa 16 & Fallout 4. Everything else was either in a sale or from trades. I don't think I spent more than £150 throughout the year.

2016 then will be very similar to this year, just enjoy what I already own & buy the odd few titles I want on release like Uncharted 4 & No Man's Sky.


Fallout 4 - Companions

I've put in nearly 60+ hours into the game now & barely touched the main questline, I do however have quite a few companions in Codsworth, Dogmeat, Garvey, Piper, Valentine, Strong & Danse.

I used Codsworth for a while because I liked his sense of humour, did not get on with Garvey because he was giving me too many new settlement quests & accuracy was poor with his laser rifle. Valentine is good but you can't give him any armour to equip, he will only wear his detective outfit. Strong is a Super Mutant & I've not really used him at all. Danse I hate, in fact the Brotherhood of Steel seem like real twats in this game. I've stuck with Piper for now & given her my combat rifle & old combat armour. Also she seems to be built like a Terminator who can survive explosions.

I've moved my home base & all companions to Red Rocket to limit the amount of time I spend on settlements having to deal with settler related issues. I'd rather spend my time exploring the wasteland.


Fifa 16 - Philippe Coutinho

Fifa is my default goto game if I only have a short amount of time to play, it's perfect for a quick match.

I've now completed my Liverpool team having purchased Daniel Sturridge & I am now concentrating on upgrading my Barclays Premier League team with 80+ rated players, two recent additions include Theo Walcott & Raheem Sterling. A quick video showing a lovely flick by Coutinho to go past a defender & score.


Fallout 4 - Combat

I've done quite a few quests now & have switched out my companion to use Preston Garvey. I've made a quick video to show the combat against a group of raiders,

I like the way the enemies now flank you but with a high perception & agility my accuracy on the weapon is very good so I very rarely tend to miss any shots. I always use vats to attack, I'm not playing it like a FPS game but an RPG & like decide which part of the enemy to attack. For raiders I tend to go for head & on ghouls legs to slow them down.

Settlement building & management can become a bit of chore so I've toned that part of the game down a bit to focus on exploring the wasteland & completing quests.

I will do a video shortly showing the two houses I have built in Sanctuary for the settlers & myself.


New Game - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Taking a break from Fallout 4 and getting back to the PMG.

We tried but Little Big Planet 3 camera in multi-player is a mess & we just could not take it anymore. Time to quit & move onto the next game.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is a much more enjoyable top down twin stick shooter with puzzle elements & big bosses.

You can get various upgrades like power rings & new weapons from completing certain challenges like collecting all the red skulls or destroying all the vases.

We completed the first two stages, it was good to play & enjoy something that works for four players in co-op.

Little Big Planet 3? In the bin where else?


Carcassonne SUPER league - Season 2 - Results

Season 2 is live !!

Some basic rules for the games, only the base pack to be used no expansions packs or hardcore/kid mode to be activated.

Three matches to be played 2 x 1vs1 matches & one three player match. Points to be awarded 2 points for a win & 1 point for finishing 2nd in the three player match.

Send me the match results via Twitter, RLLMUK, UGVM or the comments section on this post.

Platinum League - Completed
Bushtopher (4 Points)
satsuma (2 Points)
and1976 (3 Points)

Bustopher to start a game and invite satsuma & and1976 (Satsuma wins 89 to And1976 86 & Bushtopher 69)
Bushtopher to start a game and invite and1976 (Bushtopher wins 101 to 75)
Bushtopher to start a game and invite Satsuma (Bushtopher wins 95 to 80)
Satsuma to start a game and invite and1976 (and1976 wins 104 to 80)

Bushtopher wins the league & Satsuma is relegated.

Gold League - Completed
Kerumba (2 points)
Lufferov (2 points)
gospvg (5 points)

Kerumba to start a game and invite lufferov & gospvg (Kerumba wins 82 to gospvg 71 & lufferov 65)
Kerumba to start a game and invite lufferov (lufferov wins 119 to 97)
Kerumba to start a game and invite gospvg (gospvg wins 91 to 79)
Lufferov to start a game and invite gospvg (gospvg wins 119 to 105)

Gospvg is promoted & Kerumba/Lufferov played a decider match in which Luffers won 108 to 89 to Kerumba is relegated.

Silver League - Completed
Altashheth (3 point)
Arkham24601 (6 points)

Altashheth to start a game and invite Arkham24601 & MakingUpNumbers (Arkham24601 wins 66 to Altashheth 59 & Makingupnumbers 43)
Altashheth to start a game and invite Arkham24601 (Arkham24601 wins 91 to 86)
Altashheth to start a game and invite MakingUpNumbers (Altashheth won the match)
Arkham24601 to start a game and invite MakingUpNumbers (Arkham24601 wins 111 to 59)

Arkham24601 is promoted & makingupnumbers relegated

Bronze League - Completed
lewismistreated (1 point)
JohnDarv (4 Points)
StatusJones (4 Points)

lewismistreated to start a game and invite JohnDarv & StatusJones (JohnDarv wins 76 to Lewis 70 & Jones 46)
lewismistreated to start a game and invite JohnDarv (JohnDarv wins 144 to 110)
lewismistreated to start a game and invite StatusJones (statusjones wins 95 to 82)
JohnDarv to start a game and invite StatusJones (StatusJones wins 107 to 89)

StatusJones won a playoff & is promoted & lewis relegated.

Copper League - Completed
Dr Watson (1 Point)
Garwoofoo (6 Points)
ph0rce (2 points)

Dr Watson to start a game and invite Garwoofoo & ph0rce (Garwoofoo 120 wins ph0rce 95 & Dr Watson 70)
Dr Watson to start a game and invite Garwoofoo (Garwoofoo wins 144 to 95)
Dr Watson to start a game and invite ph0rce (Phorce wins 108 to 91)
Garwoofoo to start a game and invite ph0rce (Garwoofoo wins 119 to 104)

Garwoofoo is promoted

Thankyou all for taking part & I will kick off season 3 in the new year.


New Game - Fallout 4

Sorry MGSV will have to wait for now, Fallout 4 feels very familiar to the previous Fallout 3 & New Vegas games which is not a bad thing because I enjoyed both of those games.

Some slight refinements in control & level upgrades with the introduction of a minecraft style settlement base building mode are the only changes I have noticed so far.

Console sharing with the boys has limited my time in wandering the wasteland, there seems to be a lack of a tutorial so I have been following the in-built help menu & various tips on youtube to figure out base building, not sure if it plays an important part in the game but I have been clearing up Sanctuary Hills & building new homes, power, defences & resource gathering food/water.

My character is level 6 at the moment & focused on perception & agility to increase the vats accuracy & ap points. I have gone for the lockpick, hacking & gun nut perks the other points I have spent on upgrading the SPECIAL stats.

Will get back to questing this weekend & head over to Concord.


UGVM Rocket League Season 2 - Results

Tuesday 3rd November 9pm


Format is 3 v 3 in a best of three format (which should take around 15 to 20 mins to play). All I need is the best of three result & not the individual matches scores. The winning team is awarded one point the team with the most points will win.

Krazy Khan Krashers - gos, abbas & mo
Claptrap Boys - cooltag, gus & bot
Keystone Cops - hakk, evildaz & harpingon

9pm Match 1
Keystone Cops vs Claptrap Boys (Keystone Cops Win)

9:20 Match 2
Krazy Khan Krashers vs Keystone Cops (Krazy Khan Krashers Win)

9:40 Match 3
Krazy Khan Krashers vs Claptrap Boys (Krazy Khan Krashers Win)

Krazy Khan Krashers are the winners again.

Next Season Tuesday 8th December 9pm


Score Hero - I hate them both !!

At the start of season 7 you have to choose another team to join and the options are Manchester United or Chelsea.


I was tempted to delete the app but I went with Chelski.

Currently on stage 155 in which you have to score 4 goals & I can't quite complete all four.


Metal Gear Solid V - It's Tough !!

Spoilers ahead so don't read if you have not yet played the game.

It's been a few weeks since I've played MGSV (because of Fifa 16) & it took me a while to remember the controls. After completing a few side ops one of which gave me a nice stun only SMG gun.

I started mission 6 in which you have to secure a weapon called honey bee? My style of play is very slow I will scan an area for a few minutes making sure everything is tagged & I destroy all comms I see & never kill an enemy. I will always either use a stun gun, put them to sleep or use melee attacks & then fulton them out.

I managed to work my way into the last fort area of the mission where I scanned at least 15+ enemies so I had to thin the numbers by getting detected to draw some out and attack. I managed to use this tactic twice before a sandstorm arrived and I seized the opportunity to charge in and take out the others. It was getting late & stupid rush of blood to the head made me get overrun with enemies & I died. All of my efforts thinning the number of soldiers wasted because the checkpoint is at the start of the area.

It's tough but fun, I'm hoping I can finish it before Fallout 4 but with only 3 weeks left there is no chance that is going to happen so I will either delay my start of Fallout 4 so I can complete MGSV or I will leave MGSV to start Fallout 4.