March 2024 Update - Dondoko Crossing


Playing NOW 
Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth (PS5)
Lots to explore and enjoy, it really is an infinite game. I need to stop getting distracted by side content and focus on the main campaign.

Fortnite (PS5)
After the TMNT mini-pass, I've not played this much and just waiting for the new season now.

Playing NEXT
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been delivered but I won't be starting it for a while, I expect I'll still be playing LADIW for most of March.

I've reduce this list a fair bit to just focus on games that I want to play, time is limited so I need to be more selective.

Spiderman 2
Lost Judgment
Outer Wilds
Shadow Tactics
Like A Dragon Ishin  

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