Yakuza Like a Dragon (PS5) - Completed Review

I have not played any of the previous Yakuza games, so why was I interested in this game?

Because I enjoy turn-based RPGs, proper turn-based not like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake classic mode!

Yakuza Like a Dragon ticks all the right boxes for a great RPG, first it has an enjoyable cast of characters from Ichiban your main protaganist to Nanba a homeless guy who has a complex backstory. I played with the English voice-acting and it is very good.

Each character can be assigned a job which will give them a wide array of skills, these jobs can be changed when you want but it is probably best to stick with one through the game so you can level up the job rank. Each rank upgrade will reward you with better stats and may unlock new skills.

Most important on the RPG checklist is the story because this is what will keep you interested to carry on playing, Like a Dragon's story will throw a few surprises and is inter-linked with a wide-array of characters from Family Patriarchs to leaders of various factions. 

There are also many sidequests which will see you helping the residents of Ijincho with their problems and you will also be introduced to some of the mini-games from Can-Collecting to Dragon Kart.

Whilst walking around Ijincho, Sotenbori or Kamurocho you have many distractions from Shops, Restaurants, Casino's to Arcades which give you the oppurtunity to enjoy some classic Sega Games including Space Harrier, Out Run & many more. There is also a workshop which will allow you to upgrade certain weapons but be warn getting the materials for later upgrades will require you to grind either Dungeons or the Battle Arena.

My only gripe was the RNG involved in getting the Honk-Honk characters to appear on the map, after a few hours of trying I gave up to enjoy finishing the story.

Overall it is a great RPG to enjoy with an engaing story and loveable cast of characters, I am hoping the developers stick with the turn-based combat for the next Yakuza game & bring back Ichiban and his gang.

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