Weekly Update - Robbing Banks, Destiny God & the Millennium Falcon

I've still not gone back to Lego Star Wars, Doh!

But I have been spending quite a bit of time hacking, breaking into banks, sneaking around & shooting enemies with my stun gun. Carried on with the main quest now that I had completed all the available side quests. The control scheme really needs a quick option to be able to access the map.

I spent quite a bit of time robbing the bank & it's corporate vaults for some nice loot.

Tried out the PS+ games, Journey of course is excellent but Lord of the Fallen is a dark souls type affair in which you fight big bosses, die & repeat. Badland is a  port of an iOS game which I got bored of within a few minutes. New PS4 firmware is out which let's you now create folders & filters the library to show you what you have installed vs purchased.

I had an amazing session in Destiny PvP by finishing 1st !!
That will be a one off feat never to be repeated again.

On No Man's Sky I have being flying around repairing crashed ships to upgrade to a 48 slot beast which my daughter has named the Millennium Falcon.

I've also got the Theta warp drive installed & have been jumping star systems to collect atlas stones.

Got back to playing Diablo 3 with the Claptrap Boys, no idea what is going on with the story but we have completed Act 4. Hopefully nearing the end so we can start The Division soon.

iOS? Made it to arena 8 now in Clash Royale but still no legendary cards. Managed to capture a few more rare pokemon in Parasect, Meowth, Machomp & another Bulbasaur. Current stats Caught 72 & Seen 74.

Fingers crossed hopefully back to some Lego Star Wars this week.

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