Fallout 4 - Companions

I've put in nearly 60+ hours into the game now & barely touched the main questline, I do however have quite a few companions in Codsworth, Dogmeat, Garvey, Piper, Valentine, Strong & Danse.

I used Codsworth for a while because I liked his sense of humour, did not get on with Garvey because he was giving me too many new settlement quests & accuracy was poor with his laser rifle. Valentine is good but you can't give him any armour to equip, he will only wear his detective outfit. Strong is a Super Mutant & I've not really used him at all. Danse I hate, in fact the Brotherhood of Steel seem like real twats in this game. I've stuck with Piper for now & given her my combat rifle & old combat armour. Also she seems to be built like a Terminator who can survive explosions.

I've moved my home base & all companions to Red Rocket to limit the amount of time I spend on settlements having to deal with settler related issues. I'd rather spend my time exploring the wasteland.

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