New Game - Fallout 4

Sorry MGSV will have to wait for now, Fallout 4 feels very familiar to the previous Fallout 3 & New Vegas games which is not a bad thing because I enjoyed both of those games.

Some slight refinements in control & level upgrades with the introduction of a minecraft style settlement base building mode are the only changes I have noticed so far.

Console sharing with the boys has limited my time in wandering the wasteland, there seems to be a lack of a tutorial so I have been following the in-built help menu & various tips on youtube to figure out base building, not sure if it plays an important part in the game but I have been clearing up Sanctuary Hills & building new homes, power, defences & resource gathering food/water.

My character is level 6 at the moment & focused on perception & agility to increase the vats accuracy & ap points. I have gone for the lockpick, hacking & gun nut perks the other points I have spent on upgrading the SPECIAL stats.

Will get back to questing this weekend & head over to Concord.

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