Metal Gear Solid V (PS4) - "You can't see me"

I've not managed that much free time to play MGSV apart from completing the first mission & getting to mother base. I started off pretty well in the first mission playing it slow & taking out enemies quietly but when I found Miller I failed to get him to the extraction point & had to restart from the last checkpoint. On the second attempt I just picked him up and ran for the extraction point ignoring all the enemies.

Mother base is your offshore control centre and you can do lots from developing weapons, going on new missions to managing your personnel. You also get daily rewards but I've not unlocked this yet guess I need to play more of the story missions.

I did have some fun free-roaming Afghanistan & attaching the Fulton parachutes to animals & enemies. Annoyingly my twitch stream failed at some point during the session & I don't have a video of this to show the poor sheep I sent to orbit but I have got a nice gameplay video of me hiding behind a rock.

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