Lost Cities - 200 Games !!

Since August 2014 we have completed another 100 games.

Easily my most played game on iOS & possibly my most game played ever. It's a shame the game does not offer you more player stats information.

Against the computer I've scored 9,693 points and taking an average of 30 points per game that is 323 games. Online I have a staggering 40,149 which is nearly 35K above the next UGVM player (Carl on 5K), taking my 30 points average I have played 1,338 games !!

Total together I'm looking at approx nearly 1,661 games, if I take an average of 10mins per game that is an amazing 276 hours !!

If that is correct then that beats the 250+ hours I have spent playing Destiny.
I've moved on from Destiny for now but thanks to the iOS platform my love of board games is growing with the recent Fluxx taking it's place along side Lost Cities, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne & Words with Friends.

Thoroughly enjoy playing with Carl on these board games, "Cheers" and look forward to the next 100 games.

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