Knack - Goblin Castle

Taking a break from playing Destiny to enjoy Knack with my daughter. My son has quit the co-op team and I've taken over. Chapter 3 awaits The Goblin Castle.

She originally started playing the game back in February but for whatever reason did not continue. I took control of Knack this time & she played the co-op character.

The save point was at the Goblins Castle & the chapter introduces you to giant Knack, it has some ice levels which are not too difficult & a boss fight against the goblin leader. I quite enjoyed fighting the tanks & then picking them up Hulk style to launch them.

For all the stick Knack receives it does look pretty & is a simple game to play with easy controls.

Left Stick to move & Right Stick to dodge.
Square is attack, O is your super attack & X is jump.

I expect we will be playing another chapter pretty soon.

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