Destiny - Crucible

Crucible is the PvP mode in Destiny, I've never liked any PvP mode in any game because I'm really bad at them.

Occasionally I might play the one odd match where I actually play well but I put that down to either luck or my opponents are worse than me.

I've had to play quite a bit of crucible in the past week so I could complete my pulse rifle exotic bounty target of getting 10,000 points.

I decided to collect these points whilst also completing the daily bounties. This made the mode a little bit more enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the get 15 kills with super, on the control game type I would wait for opposing players to try and capture a zone & then come charging in with a 'hulk smash' to get 3 to 4 kills.

By completing these daily crucible bounties I managed to level up my crucible rank, this made me look at the weapons/armour the crucible traders were selling in the tower. I found a nice set of boots which increase auto rifle ammo. However before I can purchase these I need to be a level 2 rank.

I completed the exotic bounty to unlock Bad Juju but after all the effort to get the gun I still prefer my exotic auto rifle Suros Regime.

I've upgraded all my armour to max now except the boots (I'm not going to waste shards on these & will purchase the boots from crucible vendor once I'm level 2 rank) but I'm still on level 28 just a short amount away from the next level.

I've spent less time with the game this week because I binged on season 2 of Arrow & started watching Marvel Shield. So I've not been doing the daily missions but I did complete the weekly strike for 3 strange coins. I was hoping that Xur might have the icebreaker sniper rifle again but he had Patience & Time to sell which does have a camouflage perk but the regenerating ammo perk on icebreaker is more useful.

There is a limit of 200 on vanguard marks  which just seems stupid to me so I spent some of my marks on purchasing a legendary sniper rifle called Epitaph which I'm currently levelling up.

I also received another exotic bounty for a machine gun called Super Good Advice which was very easy to complete. So I now have three exotic weapons in an assault, pulse rifle & heavy machine gun.

Hopefully at some point Bungie will allow the option to equip more than one exotic weapon.

I've not got much in the way of targets for next week, maybe play more crucible to try and get rank 2 so I can purchase those boots. Try and collect more ascendant energy to upgrade my weapons which is all going to be about luck.

I did start a 2nd character Warlock class because I've got exotic armour for that class in the vault. So I might play a bit more with that character to level it up.

With the recent PS4 firmware update a 'share to youtube' option has now appeared so I'll try to upload some Destiny videos that I have saved on the console over the past few weeks of gameplay.

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