Destiny - Jump, Jump a little higher !!

A mixture of old & a couple of new raiders inc Hakk managed to take down the Templar with ease yesterday before we ventured through the Labyrinth, I was just waiting for a fire-breathing dragon to appear & Gandolf to shout 'You shall not pass".

Then there is an annoying jumping a chasm section which took me forever to do, stupid annoying kept on failing to make the last jump.

We managed to loot some chests along the way but I did not get anything decent, other players were rewarded with 'Patience & Time' Sniper Rifle & 'Hawkmoon' Handgun.

Arriving at the last fight we gave it a few attempts but truthfully by then we were tired & called it a night.

Hopefully this evening we can tackle the final boss & complete the Vault of Glass.

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