Destiny - Legendary

The Queens Wrath is an ongoing event till October 6th, you can complete specific bounties which in turn unlock missions (these missions are basically playing a story level of the game on harder difficulty). I tried yesterday with great difficulty to complete on of these missions.

I kept on dying on the second stage of the The Nexus mission on Venus, thanks to Boxoctosis joining my fireteam, I manage to complete the mission & collect my reward a legendary chest armour.

I also luckily manage to change a purple engram  into a legendary weapon called The Swarm.

I'm on Level 24 now need to get some more vanguard marks before I can purchase some more armour.

Would love to try the Raid but at level 24 I think I am going to get torn apart, I think you need to be at least two levels above the mission you are playing to have a chance of surviving.

There have been lots of complaints by gamers at the level of content on offer is the same but regurgitated with modifiers. This is true but the enjoyment comes in playing with friends to complete a difficult strike & Planets/Moon areas are quite large to explore (although there is not much to do).

Lots of comparisons with Borderlands mention in various reviews (which I would say is the better game) but this is an MMO type game & should be compared to WoW or Guild Wars which do offer more content & a better experience but Bungie's first stab at a MMO/Halo hybrid is not a bad effort & will only get better.

Only time will tell what will happen when I complete the story (what story?) missions & hit the level 30 light cap. Will I still play it? Probably but not as much.

Because Borderlands Pre Sequel is released October 17th.

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  1. And I didn't get any of the loot either. This game hates me!