Destiny - Warlock

I played the Titan class during the alpha so I went with the Warlock class this time.

Melee looks a lot more cool with a hadouken style fist punch. Unlike the alpha you don't start off with everything unlocked there is more of a story element to the gameplay now with the Ghost awakening you and narrating you through various quests.

Bungie have erased "The Wizard came from the Moon" line which is a shame it just needed more oomph. The Ghost voice has now become more robotic which is better.

I love the appeal of the open landscapes but not so sure I like the re-spawning enemies. I just want to explore the world but there is not much to find except for the odd loot box or offline Ghost. Although the occasional enemy will now drop loot.

The fact you can carry more than two weapons in your inventory is a bit odd when it comes to the gun gameplay which allows you to only switch between the two that are equipped. Wish it would let you equip everything you have so I can switch between assault-shotgun-pistol-sniper.

I've still got one story mission left to enjoy & the fireteam mission. I've also not yet visited the crucible. PvP has never appealed to me I enjoy PvE much more but I'll still give it a go.

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