E3 2014 - Summary

A lot of the games shown are not due for release until 2015 & some may slip even further into 2016/17.

A list of games that I can't wait to play

No Mans Sky - This just looks amazing, get in a spacecraft & fly off anywhere & explore planets

Batman Arkham Knight - Shame it got delayed would have really loved to break the yearly Assassin Creed xmas game trend.

Far Cry 4 - Loved the gameplay shown at the Sony conference, I've not played a Far Cry game since the first.

Zelda Wii U - A long way off but if it is truly open world with Wind Waker style graphics, I can't wait.

AbZu - From the artist & music director of Journey, should be a nice experience, not sure on release date?

Destiny - I've still got my pre-order & have registered my BETA access code for July.

Grim Fandango - I've never played it so glad it is getting remade.

Uncharted 4 - It's Naughty Dog & I have warmed to them since the Last of Us.

The Division - Still looking amazing, hopefully will not get delayed till 2016.

Assassin Creed Unity - Due out this year !! with co-op gameplay, need to persuade the claptrap boys to buy a PS4.

Microsoft & Sony had good press conferences showing off lots of games. Nintendo's press conference could have been better showing off more games, EA was a dull affair but that's because I hate the yearly sports titles & everything else was just way too early to be shown. Ubisoft had a good line up of games which are due out this year The Crew, Far Cry 4 & Assassin Creed Unity but no news on Assassin Creed Comet for the 360/PS3.

The 2014 Shopping list then

Destiny - still on for a release day purchase, depending on how the BETA plays.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel - I expect this to be a day one purchase for the claptrap boys.

Assassin Creed Unity - Will purchase to play over the xmas holidays.

I may pick up a few others this year like Far Cry 4 & Watch_Dogs but that all depends on time. I'm sure there were other games shown over the past couple of days that deserve to be mentioned but information overload !!

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