Dust - Completed

After completing the sorrowing meadows and defeating the demon it was time to head to the Mountains & find the moonblood village.

There I met an elder who explained I was created by the moonbloods from the souls of two people. Jin (Ginger's brother) & an assassin called Cassius. General Gaius knew of the village and was planning an attack so it was time for the final showdown.

You have to fight quite a few soldiers in this volcanic region before you come face to face with General Gaius, it is quite a tough boss fight because it has quite a few stages. I had to use up nearly all of my healing items to ensure I would not die.

Unfortunately it is  not only General Gaius who meets his end has Dust perishes in the lava. An enjoyable metroidvania type of game with great voice acting for the main characters.

Next on the list to complete Army of Two Devils Cartel.

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